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Become a Bitcoin Pro

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Whether you are a new investor or a seasoned one, this fun and easy-to-follow class will demystify how bitcoins work and equip you with a serious advantage when it comes to picking the right crypto.

Play the Global Investment Challenge and test your bitcoin skills before putting real money into it.

What will you learn?

This course starts with a base-level exploration of what bitcoin is and how it differs from traditional currencies. Bitcoin is a crucial part of the modern financial landscape and even if we don’t all get involved with it, it is worthwhile to understand the world’s premier cryptocurrency. To that end, this course continues on by explaining the importance of bitcoin, before taking students on a journey to understanding what it means to mine bitcoin and how to do that. With the desire to further develop students’ knowledge of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin, this course follows up previous content with an examination of blockchains and blockchain wallets. Additionally, this course will discuss the difference between public and private keys for a blockchain and explain the idea of ledgers as well. The “why” behind the practice of trading bitcoin is then taught in this course, followed by a look at the process involved with buying and selling the world’s most famous cryptocurrency. A small section of this course will then cover some background information on Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, before this course concludes by taking learners through a plethora of bitcoin data concepts such as candlestick graphs and consensus algorithms.

Course description

In Become a Bitcoin Pro, students learn the fundamentals of Bitcoin Trading. This course explains what crypto is, how it works, how to trade them and how to analyze different cryptos. 

PREREQUISITE(S): Stock Market Trading

Learning goals 

  • Gain valuable knowledge in investing 
  • Make strong financial decisions
  • Learn how to make your money grow in value 
  • Practical Applications

1) Learn what bitcoin is and understand the differences between bitcoin and traditional currencies
2) Discover the importance of bitcoin
3) Learn about what it means to mine cryptocurrencies and how the process of mining works
4) Understand the concept of blockchains and blockchain wallets
5) Explore the difference between public and private keys as they relate to blockchains
6) Learn about ledgers
7) Learn how and why people trade bitcoin, as well as how to buy and sell it
8) Discover why, similar to traditional money, bitcoin is in different currencies
9) Learn about Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies
10) Understand various bitcoin data concepts (candlestick graphs & consensus algorithms)
11) Learn about the use of stablecoin by bitcoin and other cryptocurrency investors

1) A device with access to the internet

2) Paper and pencils

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