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Krafts 4 Kidz

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Krafts 4 Kids by Cara Dodaro

In these videos Cara will teach you steps on creating cactus from scratch!


All you need is green clays, 2 of your favourite clays and a pot!
Take the pot and a little of your clay, stick in it and once its done, all around the edges, roll out to the bottom, poke some dots dots and let your imagination run wild! Remember you will need 2 picks, and add some vibrant beautiful colours for your cactus!

Christmas Terrarium

All you need a small bowl,hot glue gun, scissors and christmas glitters, cool Christmas elements, pebbles! Shiny color papers, stick them to the end of the bowl, using the hot glue and hold it there till it dries! Add some pebbles on, keep going and you’re all set! Remember to spread out the sprinkles and light up your Chrismas tree as the final touch!

Tropical Terrarium

All you need is small bowl, hot glue gun, glue sticks, light fixtures, summer theme glitters, shiny paper and tropical wood cutouts and graphics! Take your bowl and spread out your glitters! Once all plants are done, add in the leftover glitters, cut out very tiny shiny papers so they really stand out!

All sales will be donated to Doctors Without Borders!

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