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Learn to Trade: Comprehensive Investing Program

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We've taken our highly acclaimed Camp Millionaire Level 1 program and turned it into a fun game-based, interactive online program that you can learn at your own pace! Perfect for everyone who wants to demystify how the stock market works and get you investment-ready in no time! Play the Global Investment Challenge linked directly to Wall Street for the best trading price execution.

Whether you are new to investing or have already been through our program, this course gives you a fundamental understanding of stocks. Designed to teach anyone from kids to adults how to successfully trade, our track record speaks for itself. 


 In this course, students will master the fundamentals of investing. Throughout this course, students will use the knowledge they’ve gained to try their stock trading skills in our global investment challenges. 

As a result of this course students will be able to: 

  • Gain basic trading knowledge (i.e. investments, stock market, tickers, market cap, beta, dividends, earnings, and currency) 
  • Students will learn how to make basic calculations (Earnings Per Share, Price to Earning Ratio) 
  • Students learn how to read graphs and are given pro tips to make good choices. 

It's fair to say that at the end of the program, you will know more about stock investing than 75% of the adult population! How's that for setting yourself up for success?


  • A fun learning experience with tons of relevant multimedia videos that help you better understand the material

  • Quizzes and challenges throughout the program that further help with knowledge acquisition. 

  • Mini-Challenges that test your knowledge prior to you trading with a LIVE feed directly from Wall Street 

  • Global Investment Challenge where you invest $10,000 in a virtual portfolio and play on a LIVE stock market. The feeds in our challenge are direct from wall street and you get placed on a global level! 


This is an online self-learning program. No live instruction is included in this program.

Monthly subscription is billed for 12 months allowing you to enjoy the material for an entire year. 

      1) Learn about the purpose of investing, the different parts of an investment and three different types of investments
      2) Learn about what investment portfolios
      3) Learn about a multitude of different investment vehicles
      4) Understand the time value of money (TVM) principle
      5) Exploring the three fundamentals of investing (deciding what to invest in, how long to invest and how much risk you can take)
      5) Explore the basics of the stock market
      6) Learn several pro tips for navigating the stock market
      7) Examine what types of companies are on the stock market and which are not
      8) Learn about what a ticker is and how to decipher them
      9) Understand the history of stock markets, including the oldest and largest ones
      10) Explore the difference between electronic and traditional stock markets
      11) Learn about currencies in different countries and exchange rates
      12) Learn about market caps
      13) Understand how beta assesses a company/stock’s risk level and how it is calculated
      14) Learn to assess different stocks, and compare and contrast them, using Beta
      Explore what a dividend is, why and how often they are given/paid out, and how they can change over time
      15) Explore different types of dividends
      16) Get to know what earnings are, how they are calculated, how they impact stock prices and how they are reported by companies
      17) Learn the fundamentals about Earnings per Share (EPS)
      18) Learn the fundamentals about Price to Earnings Ratios (P/E Ratios)
      19) Learn how different graphs and charts, including trend lines, are used to map stocks
      20) Explore the nuances of investing in different precious metals, such as Gold and Platinum

      1) A device with access to the internet

      2) Paper and pencils

      After you purchase, you will receive an email to access the course at the Explorer Hop Learning Portal.

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