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Competition Rules

Competition Rules

Global Investment Challenge Competition
  1. The Investment Competition is about virtually trading financial securities available in financial markets.
  2. This is a virtual competition for kids with virtual money.  
  3. Participants will be able to invest in a virtual portfolio. You can trade as much as you like.  No margin trading is available. 
  4. Participants will be able to trade Equity, Mutual Funds (US only and CAD where the Mutual Fund Ticker is available through the system) and Fixed Income (1 year GIC only).  
  5. The Investment Competition starts on Jan 11, 2021 and ends on March 31, 2021.
  6. The Investment Competition is only valid for youth ages 11-18. 
  7. The Investment Competition is the exclusive property of Explorer Hop and it's companies, participants are merely using the existing platform that is available. 
  8. Participants agree that this is a friendly competition, anyone who does not behave in the spirit of friendly and fair competition will have their rights revoked. Every now and then, we may do a "boost" where participants can get bonus virtual dollars.  These bonus dollars will be added at the end of the competition and will not be available for them to trade with. 
  9. Participants agree that the purpose to the competition is to introduce youth to stock trades and in doing so get them interested about learning and managing money in the future. 
  10. Participants agree that the portfolio with the highest balance will receive a $500 gift card at the end of the competition, provided proof can be obtained that the individual is in the age group allowed to participate.  
  11. Participant who wins will also have the opportunity to be included in our news letter. 
  12. No additional financial stock trading lessons should be expected or are planned to be provided during the competition.  It is highly recommended that participants consider purchasing the  self -learning module Learn to Trade or register for Camp Millionaire programs if they want to learn more about investing.  
  13. All participants will use the Explorer Hop Investment Challenge web app to trade.  
  14. The app is functional only on laptops and is not designed for mobile trading.  It is recommended that participants use a laptop or a desktop to access the app.  
  15. The trading PIN will be given to you on Jan 4, 2020.  The link to the website will be released on Jan 11, 2020
  16. If you put another PIN in login, the system will automatically detect a threat and your account may not work.  Therefore, it is really important that you memorize your pin as soon as you get it.  
  17. Participants joining later than the official start of the Investment Competition will have to pay the full amount  for entrance.
  18. Given the load on the internet these days, there is a possibility that our competition servers may be down.  Please be patient as the server will come up.  If you miss a trade while the server is down, you can place it at the current market price when it comes up.  No compensation in your portfolio will be provided for this.  We appreciate you informing us of any server issue you experience.  Please understand that while we want to provide the best experience for our participants, and are constantly looking for ways to optimize the server loads, the internet sometimes wins.  
  19. Explorer Hop has the right to remove any participant for any reason.  This includes those who undermine the spirit of the competition, who are found to be cheating or those who disrupt the experience for others.  
  20. If a participant gets removed from the competition no refunds will be provided. 
  21. If an Participant  does not comply with the rules above, its participation will not be considered in the Investment Competition and its return not calculated. It will have the status N/A until the compliance is effective.
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