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e-Kid Entrepreneurs
(Grades 1-3)

Learn to Trade: Level 1 - Fundamentals of Investing - Explorer Hop

Public Speaking
(Grade 4-6)

Graphic Design Level 1
(Grade 4-6)

Create your own wesite
(Grade 5-9)

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Global Investment Challenge! - Summer 2021 - Explorer Hop

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Meet Our Top 3 Young Investors from the Global Investment Challenge Competition:

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Questions asked in the Demo Session

How long does it take to finish a Camp Millionaire program?

All our Investment Camp Millionaire progams are between 8-10 hours. You can choose to do these over the course of 5 days (Monday - Friday) or on 4 consecutive weekends. It doesn't matter which option you pick the end results are all fabulous and your child will master the world of investing and be better placed for future success.

Most students enter at the Camp Millionaire Level 1 and go through the levels. Levels 1-4 are the Fundamental Levels where they learn about Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETF, Global Funds, Taxes and Bitcoins. During this time they participate in interactive games and play in our simulated online trading platform with has a direct feed from Wall Street.

What program do you recommend for high school students?

Our high school students thrive in the Camp Millionaire program. All our students start from Camp Millionaire Level 1 and work through the levels. We also offer a combination of self-study + private lessons for those students who want more personal attention. However, most of our students go through the group classes.  

We strongly recommend all student take part in the Global Investment Challenge Competition as it provides an unparalleled immersion into the world of investing.

I have no investing experience can I join the Global Investment Challenge? 

Absolutely!!! The Global Investment Challenge is a fabulous way to dip your toes into the investment world. Have fun and experiement with diifferent investments. Many of our students also participate in Camp Millionaire or our Self-Learning app Learn to Trade while they are in the competition, though this is not required.

How does Explorer Hop keep kids engaged online?

Our experience with delivering classes online has been overwhelmingly positive. Kids work in highly interactive teams with innovative materials and top quality instructors. Being online gives our kids the ability to work with kids globally and make international connections that would not have been possible in local day programs.

How do you keep your programs interactive?

We have amazing instructors who implement our content rich interactive programs with great enthusiasm. We also convert our learning blocks into games that help keep kids engaged and excited about their learning. All our programs use the idea of "gaming" and friendly competition to keep kids engaged and enthusiastic.

Can you tell me about your Bitcoin class?

Our Bitcoin class is a fun interactive course that teaches not only about Bitcoin but also several other cryptocurrencies. By using our own virtual trading simulator, students are able to invest and test their strategies in all different crypto.  

How do I know which programs my kid is eligible for based on grades?

Kids should be registered in whatever grade they are going to in September.

So, if you child is going to Grade 1-3 next year please register for any of these programs.

If your child is going to Grades 4, 5 or 6 in September please register for any of these programs.

If your child is going to Grades 7-11 in September please register for any of these programs. 

For Camp Millionaire Programs what is the difference between the Course and Course + App?

The Course is just the actual class with live expert instruction.

The App is our self-learning tool and allows you to take the learning home with you and continue learning. It is an interactive portal with lots of fun learning excercises that will very much increase your child's learning. We strong recommend getting the app.

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