Explorer Hop Reviews: The Giles School

June 2017: From Caroline Bernada, Head of School, The Giles School - a very prestigious private school in Toronto. 

"Explorer Hop is the best program I have seen for teaching students about the realities of money and the economic world around us. It grabs the children’s attention right from the start with fun and innovative stories. The students instantly become connected with the characters and learn from their journeys. They are then enticed to complete missions, which helps to solidify their knowledge by having them apply what they have learned with realistic activities.

We introduced this wonderful program in our school this spring and the students are all fully engaged and have increased their knowledge of the financial world tenfold. The students are eager to follow the program and I have even heard them talking about their missions outside the classroom. I would highly recommend this program and I am very happy with the results I have seen thus far."

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