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  • Young Entrepreneurs
  • Camp Millionaire

In our Young Entrepreneurs Program, kids go through a life-cycle of a start-up.

Develop an Idea to turn into a business

Operationalize your idea and develop a funding model

Create a Global Marketing Campaign

Raise funds for registered charities

Berry Good Lemonade

"To anyone that is thirsty and needs a refreshing drink, try buying lemonade from the Berry Good Lemonade - Virtual Lemonade Stand. We have hot lemonade and cold lemonade. We have sugary lemonade and sour lemonade! Come now! All the money we raise is going to the Daily Bread Food Bank to help the people that need food."

  • Class: Kid Entrepreneurs

  • Names: Albert and Angelia Q
  • ACHIEVEMENT: Virtual lemonade stand built by 6-9 years for charity!

Stories Inc.

"Calling all bookworms, we have fun stories for you! If you like short stories, you will love one of ours. Get your copy of Stories Inc. right away! All the money earned will go to the Children's Aid Foundation of Canada."

  • Class: Teen Entrepreneurs

  • ACHIEVEMENT: A team of young authors writes a beautiful collection of short stories and self-publishes them

Lemon Planet

"We are a group of kid entrepreneurs, creating this Virtual Lemonade Stand to help those who are in need. Our startup wants to help the animals in the Toronto Zoo, so we can see them again after this pandemic is over."

  • Class: Kid Entrepreneurs

  • ACHIEVEMENT: Virtual Lemonade Stand built by a team of 6-9 year old kid entrepreneurs.


Let's Craft! Presented by KidzRcool

"Calling all people of all ages who love Christmas, art and fun! Introducing the KidzRCool Company, we are helping you find the right crafts and gifts for your friends and family! All the money that we make will go to the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada helping less fortunate kids around Canada."

  • Class: Young Entrepreneurs

  • ACHIEVEMENT: A Christmas LIVE show create by kids built for charity.

Aiesthetically Aesthetic Journals

"Do you ever struggle with organization?
We are 12-year-olds from Canada and we’ve got the perfect product for you! Choose from various bullet journal templates or customize your own and get ahead of your busy days."

  • Class: Teen Entrepreneurs

  • Names: Abby, Iris and Jasmine
  • ACHIEVEMENT: Teens designs and build beautiful bullet journals.

Dragon Destroyers

"We are two kids from Ottawa and Toronto that love card games, and we would love to show the world why they are awesome. This is a 2-in-1 product, with awesome ready-made card game and videos that teach how you too can make your own. The ready-made card game Dragons vs. Knights. "

  • Names: Zachary B. and Oskar M.
  • Class: Young Entrepreneurs

  • ACHIEVEMENT: Two 10-year olds build their own medieval themed card game, and teaches how you can build your own game and sell it too!

Make your own Holiday Card

"Share the holiday spirit with our online cards (and help a lot of people get some awesome mental health help!) We’re 4 Teen Entrepreneurs (ages 12 to 13) from across Canada who are launching this initiative to bring holiday cheer so people can connect with their loved ones during these tough times. All profits from sales will go to helping mental health in our communities."

  • Class: Young Entrepreneurs

  • ACHIEVEMENT: Personalized greeting cards shareable on social media and emails with all proceeds to charity.

Photo Competition

"Win an amazing prize for your awesome snaps! If you love taking pictures or have someone who you think is amazing at photography - get ready win some cash prizes! This contest is hosted by five teen entrepreneurs to help raise awareness of mental health issue in Canada."

  • Class: Teen Entrepreneurs

  • NAME: Annora, Annanya, Aryan, Sebastian, and Spencer

  • ACHIEVEMENT: An online contest designed, hosted and fully manage

Slimes 101: Slime Recipes for all ages
Health Session

"Here at Autumn Slimes, we want nothing more than to teach you how to make slime properly and efficiently! This is why we have decided to create our own slime book, Slimes101.
The best part is that for every purchase you make, we will donate 100% of the profit we get, to the Toronto Zoo, to help the animals there"

  • Class: Young Entrepreneurs

  • ACHIEVEMENT: A self-published book by kids for kids, completely written and designed by kids!

Super Health Session

"We are a group of grade 4 and 5 students from The York School and we are starting our own business! Our business is a show to help people get healthy, active and moving during quarantine, We are also creating a healthy cookbook so that people can start the new year with healthy recipes. We are raising money to help the Toronto Zoo because they have lost a lot of money during COVID. We’re going to give all our profits to animals in need!"

  • Class: Young Entrepreneurs

  • ACHIEVEMENT: A self-published cookbook and show completely produced and hosted by kids!

Survival of the Fittest

"This game is strategy based - so be prepared to use your minds to thrive in the wilderness! This game is 100% printable at home, so don't worry about delivery times and costs. Check out her epic game today!"

  • Class: Create your own Board Game

  • NAME: Abigail R. Sin

  • ACHIEVEMENT: Printable board game built to a challenging theme by one student

Buy a Pet, Save a Pet

"This epic board game will have you think strategically on trading pets at habitat levels with its own currency system! This game is 100% printable at home, so don't worry about delivery times and costs. 20% of all proceeds will go towards an animal shelter in Toronto like Toronto Humane Society."

  • Class: Create your own Board Game

  • NAME: Jayson Sone

  • ACHIEVEMENT: Uniquely built board game theme with challenging levels of strategy!

Luv Ur Lemonade

"We are a group of kid bosses, ages 6-9. We started LUV UR Lemonade as part of the Kid Entrepreneur program. We are holding a virtual lemonade stand to raise money for the Toronto Zoo. "

  • Class: Kid Entrepreneurs

  • AGE: 6-9 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: A successful virtual lemonade stand built along with a business plan by 6-9 year olds!

Dash of Culture

"Our initiative, “Dash of Culture” is a global project made by teens from Nigeria and Canada! This cookbook and live show features recipes from Japan, Bulgaria, Philippines, China, Italy and more.

All proceeds from our book and show go to help Doctors without Borders."

  • Names: Kenneth Fung, Veronika Kolorska, Mirabella Kolodkin, Farid Oseni, Chelsea Sua, and Daniel Sun

  • AGE: 11-13 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: A cooking live show and a multi-cultural recipe book all presented in one week! All for charity!

Travel the Globe with Teens

"Do you want your kids to say “Lets go!” instead of “Are we there yet?” on your next trip? If so join us for Travel the Globe with Teens, to get personal insight from teens on several wonderful places around the world, plus insight from different cruises. All proceeds go towards the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)."

  • Names: Arianna, Aryan, Naiden, Noah, and Rhea

  • AGE: 11-13 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: A live show that you around the world from the comfort of your own home!

  • Featured In Toronto-Star-Logo.png

The Scoop

"The Scoop is an amazing dessert cooking show. We have every sweet you desire. These recipes are easy that anyone with the right ingredients can make. These recipes are made by kids, so don’t doubt that you can do it. In fact, your whole family can try these! We are raising money for the food bank, Daily Bread Food bank where all the proceeds will go. "

  • Names: Ava, Jayson, Kian, Isabella, and Rhea

  • AGE: 9-11 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: The best LIVE dessert show ever that is both kid and parent friendly with delicious recipes from around the world!

Craftys and Cool Experimenteys

"We are a group of Young Entrepreneurs (ages 8 1/2 - 11 years old) from Saudi Arabia and Canada. We have an amazing book for you, it has crafts and science experiments that anyone (including your kids) can do at home! We have 20 experiments and DIY crafts that you can easily do at home including Salt Clay, Oobleck and Elephant Toothpaste.crafts and science experiments that anyone (including your kids) can do at home! We have 20 experiments and DIY crafts that you can easily do at home including Salt Clay, Oobleck and Elephant Toothpaste.We are donating all proceeds to the Canadian Mental Health Association to support the well being of people."  

  • Names: Samay A., Sayan A., Emily Duran, Lia H., Miles H., Kavin H., Mackenzie H., Yaron K., Shirah M. andMustafa M.

  • AGE: 9-11 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: a collection of kid-friendly crafts and experiments all in one convenient ebook!

Color of the Breeze

"This online colouring book was made by 6 teenage girls who wanted to put together a project for teens, made by teens. The Color of the Breeze is what we decided as the name. In this book, there are many drawings we made ourselves, of nature, animals, marine life, and space that you can colour, in any way you want. All proceeds go to Children’s Aid Foundation Canada and go to support lots of children in need."

  • CLASS: Teen Entrepreneurs
  • AGE: 11-13 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: An expertly crafted coloring book that was published as a paperback on Amazon!


"We are from Toronto and we have the best game show ever! Leikur is a LIVE fun game show for your entire family. We have Jeopardy, Truth or Dare, Wheel of Fortune, and “Are you smarter than a 10-year-old?”! We are donating our proceeds to the Canadian Mental Health Association."

  • NAMES: Christina, Gary, Harry and Max

  • AGE: 9-11 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: A LIVE game show with multiple segments for kids and parents, all managed by kid bosses!

Global Cook-off to Save Lives

"We are young enthusiastic entrepreneur’s from Canada and Australia. Our dedicated team has created a cook-off so we can donate all funds to Doctors without Borders."

  • NAMES: Alli, Annora, Bijan, Connor, Max, Nicole, Thomas and Zayaan

  • AGE: 11-13 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: A Global viral Challenge with strong hashtag strategies inspiring children and adults to participate!


"ZooKids is a TV channel presented by ZooTV company made by us. This TV channel has lots of kid-friendly shows that you can watch when you are bored at home. We have music shows where you can listen to music, cooking shows with easy recipes, sports you can enjoy at home, and even games."

  • NAMES: Adam, Cecilia, Cornelius, Donovan, Eva, Renee, Ryan, Shravya, and Tyler

  • AGE: 9-11 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: A TV network made by 100% kids that raised $380 in revenues in 2 days!


"We have an educational tv show called YEET Co. where we show our talents and share it with you to learn. As a bonus, we added a Get well card you can send digitally to your friends and family during these times. We are donating 100% of all proceeds to Kids Help Phone."

  • NAMES: Cameron, Christian, Elias, Malina, Mason, Nolan, Ray, and Serafine

  • AGE: 9-11 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: A TV show based on showcasing our Kid Bos!

The Playing Platypuses

"We are Young Entrepreneurs from the ages 9 to 12 and we have been coming up with this product that will help busy parents and bored kids during these unprecedented times. The Playing Platypuses are here for your kids! We offer virtual playdates for your children to teach them social skills, visual arts, stay-at-home DIY games, book readings, kid-friendly recipes and so much more in a fun and interactive manner."

  • NAMES: Damon, Daniel, Elle, Ethan, Eve, Jonah, Luke, Niam, Olivia, Parker, Sophia, Sahib, Sienna, and Zaahir

  • AGE: 9-11 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: An engaging Zoom playdate for kids by kids!

Kids Chef Canada

"Kids Chef Canada Live is an original cooking show and background designing-related company, established by children ages 11-14 as a part of our Teen Entrepreneurship program."

  • NAMES: Tom, Owen, Jade-Alyssa, Zain, Matteo, Angelina, Julianna, Noah, Serena, Justin, and Jack

  • AGE: 11-14 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: Teen Entrepreneurs raised enough money to feed over 1400 kids in Yemen!

  • Featured In Toronto-Star-Logo.png

Decode that Dance

"Decode that Dance is a fun printable game to play with family anywhere that keeps you active. The game is created by teen girls from Toronto, all proceeds will be donated to the charity Girls on the Run. Decode that Dance is a combination of bingo and dancing charades. This game comes in two different package amounts depending on the size of your group."

  • NAMES: Katie, Leah, Hannah, Samantha A, Samantha F, Bailey, Divya, Karina, Aya, Mara, Aneesa and Eliana

  • AGE: 11-14 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: A printable and downloadable dance game to keep you entertained and moving during these quarantined days!

Lemon Juice with Moose

"This virtual lemonade stand has been created by a group of kid bosses, ages 6-8, as a part of our Kid Entrepreneur program. All proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly to the Toronto Zoo, to support the wellbeing of the animals during this pandemic."

  • AGE: 6-9 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: A completely virtual lemonade stand built for charity that raised $350!

Knowledge Quest

"Kid Entrepreneurs launching Mega Kahoot event for Charity. Join with your family for a fun time. All proceeds go to Ocean Heroes - an organization that is cleaning up plastic from our oceans and employing people in poverty."

  • NAMES: Evelyne, Miranda, Chloe, Joseph, Nicole
    and Dareh

  • AGE: 6-9 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: An automated game show made by kids that raised $145!

Toronto Hype

"We are young Entrepreneurs (9-11 years old) launching our own TV Network. Toronto Hype is an exclusive zoom-based TV channel with different TV segments such as cooking, tech, makeup, sports, and even gaming that your whole family can enjoy! All proceeds go to the Toronto Humane Society."

  • NAMES: Tom, Owen, Jade-Alyssa, Zain, Matteo, Angelina, Julianna, Noah, Serena, Justin, and Jack

  • AGE: 9-11 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: A TV network made by 100% kids that raised $350 in revenues in 2 days!

In the Lens of Blues Basketball

"We are 8 basketball players that are 11-12 years old and we play on the U12A basketball team at UCC. We decided to showcase our last basketball season pre-COVID-19. We are eager to do this in support of the Children's Aid Foundation of Canada and are giving all of our profit to them. Our product is a short film about the lives of kids in high-level school sports in Toronto."

  • NAMES: Derrin, Johnny, Jacob, Laurence, Hudson, Elliot, Ben and Alex

  • AGE: 11 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: A short movie made by 100% kids that raised $230 in revenues!


"A 9-year-old Young Entrepreneur with a strong passion for stock trade is here to teaching kids about the stock market. This card game is a fun and educational game, which teaches you about the stock market and making investments. It tests your long term investment strategies in a very competitive way. You can play this game with family and friends."

  • NAMES: Oscar Macfarlane

  • AGE: 9 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: A re-printable card game with multiple product line extensions that teach about stock trade with well known companies

Couch Potato Fitness

"Our Teen Entrepreneurs who have launched their Global Fitness Workouts. These athletes will help you feel good, get moving - and have some serious fun!"

  • NAMES: Spencer, Jordan, Ada, Veronika, Justin, Noah, Sacha, Kelsey, Christian, Kyle, Allie, Sebastian, Mirabella and Max

  • AGE: 12-15 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: They raised over $1223 in one week and raised enough money to transport 7000 life-saving vaccines to war zones.

  • Featured In Toronto-Star-Logo.png

The Blobby Animal (A Video Book for Boring Days)

"Discover all about these mysterious creatures with our book, through some easy-to-read facts, a board game, and some jokes. It is 100% made by kid entrepreneurs (all 9 - 10 years old) from Toronto, Canada. We are donating a portion of all proceeds to the local not-for-profit organization, Toronto Zoo, who relies on the ticket sales to take care of animals and its daily operations. Our animal friends will not be forgotten during COVID-19. Every purchase will help raise money."

  • NAMES: Josh Kent, Joshua Monson and Hunter Salo

  • AGE: 9 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: They passed their goal by 100%

How to... (A Video Book for Boring Days)

"The world's most revolutionary and entertaining collection of ideas all in one video presented by the Young Entrepreneurs! It is 100% made by kids entrepreneurs (all 9 - 11 years old) from around Canada (Toronto and Ottawa). This is the most fun book ever and it is even in video format! Support Kid's Mental Health with your purchase, we are donating 45% of all proceeds to Kids Help Phone."

  • NAMES: Justin Andreoli, Zachary Backman, Avery Hanlon, Alexa Rouatt, Ashlyn Rouatt, Poppy Sisco, Giselle Tham and Aden Wolfe

  • AGE: 9-11 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: They passed their goal by 100%

Save the Planet Card Game

"We are 3 kids (all 9 years old) from around the world (Canada and U.K.). You don’t have to wait for a month to get it delivered to you. Or even a minute! An online booklet of cards that you play from anywhere and travel with! We are donating 60% of all proceeds to a local food bank (The Stop Community Food Centre in Toronto) and front line workers (Front Line Fund)."

  • NAMES: Zachary Backman, Liam Henry Kessler and Alexa Rouatt

  • AGE: 9 years old

  • AMOUNT RAISED: They passed their goal by 100%

Together Apart Orchestra

"We are 5 kids from Dubai, Toronto and Ottawa. We have got together with our love of music and launched our own virtual orchestra! We are performing on Friday (May 8) at noon and Saturday (May 9) at 9am, on their first virtual show. 100% of the proceeds are going to Musicians without Borders - a charity that helps bring peace through music"

  • NAMES: Noah Backman, Lauren Bleeker, Jeanne Collomp, Veronika Kolarska and Noah Michaels

  • AGE: 11 and 14 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: They sent 1200 kids all over Africa to get music immersion.

  • Featured In Toronto-Star-Logo.png

The Lockdown Leftovers Cookbook

"We are 10 kids from all over Ontario and New York City. Due to Covid-19, our beloved zoo does not get any visitors, which means it does not earn any money, and therefore does not have money to buy food for the animals.

So we decided to help raise money by creating a cookbook that uses up leftovers in your home. This way, we can help you reduce waste at home."

  • NAMES: Noah Backman, Zachary Backman, Sophie Fogel, Avery Hanlon, Ellie Myers, Alexa Rouatt, Ashlyn Rouatt, Maia Sophianopoulos, Brielle Tremblay and Courtney Wong

  • AGE: 9 and 12 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: Over 130% of their goal in 5 days!

  • Featured In Toronto-Star-Logo.png

Ace of Card Magic
"We are 2 Kid Bosses (ages 9 - 11) launching our own card game magic. Our show will have ten amazing card tricks, and even teach you two more new tricks, so you can impress your family and friends. Our card game will explore a different world of magic full of mythical creatures. We are donating 50% of all our proceeds to the Children's Aid Foundation of Canada. We are Change Makers standing as #KidsForKids."
  • NAMES: Aiden and Zachary

  • AGE: 9 and 11 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: Over $ 319 in Gross Revenue!

Force for Good
"We are 13 Kid Bosses (ages 8 - 9) from the Forest Hill Force Hockey Team raising money for the local food bank, Daily Bread. Our charity Instagram page exchanges hockey lessons and tricks for your support to food bank during COVID-19. "
  • Forest Hill 2011 Gold Select team

  • AGE: 8 - 9 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: Over $ 6.1k in two weeks

  • Featured In Toronto-Star-Logo.png

Health Cruncher
"We are 8 Kid Bosses (ages 9 - 11) who made a cookbook to support mental health of kids who are isolated and lonely by contributing to the Canadian Mental Health Association . It’s our small way to make this world happier, one book at a time!"
  • NAMES: Abigail Birman, Cailan Brackley, Hope Breslin, Jonah Goldman, Matthew Moffs, Dylan Moffs, Kai Kibel-Sidki, Sebastian Wong

  • AGE: 9 - 11 years old

  • INNOVATION: A curated collection of kid-friendly healthy recipes self-published on Amazon Kindle.

Kids Cooking Madness
"We are 16 Kid Bosses (ages 9 - 11) from the e-Young Entrepreneurs team raising money for Canadian Mental Health Association. We are self-publishing our own cookbook available on Kindle. "
  • NAMES: Justin Andreoli, Zachary Backman, Aiden Gibbert, Jesse Goldman, Jonah Goldman, Max Herczeg, Sammy Herczeg, Devin Majerovic, Campbell McLean, Harrison McTait, Rebecca Norman, Elle Propst, Sophie Sheridan, Mila Welch, Eden Wilson, Norika Victoria Yang.

  • AGE: 9 - 11 years old

  • Featured In Toronto-Star-Logo.png

Things To Do While Quarantined
"We are 7 kids (ages 9 - 13) from across two continents who worked 2 hours a day for 5 days to create an amazing idea-filled book for kids that makes staying at home fun! Proceeds of the book will go towards the World Health Organization (WHO) to help fight COVID-19. Now available on Amazon Kindle."
  • NAMES: Ayah Basha, Tristan Claerhout, Coleson Filice,Matthew Naassan, Christopher Naassan, Daniel Pollock, andAhsha Young

  • AGE: 9 - 13 years old

Virtual Hugs
"We are e-Young Entrepreneurs making Instagram e-cards to share global hugs. Completely made by us kids, these e-cards raise money for World Health Organization (WHO) to fight COVID-19. Share your well wishes and love with people across the globe.""
  • NAMES: Jordan, Ahsha, Freddie, Doruk, Entino and Kira

  • AGE: 9 - 13 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: Over $ 225 raised in a week

Chocolate Masters
"We are 5 kids from Ledbury School, raising money for our awesome school selling delicious Hot Chocolate and candies."
  • NAMES: Abie, Anderson, Harrison, Isabelle and Victoria

  • AGE: 9 - 10 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: $ 379

  • INNOVATION: Fresh-made Hot Chocolate with all proceeds going to support their school, creating change in Toronto's school system!

Gladiator Games
"We are 5 kids (age 9 -11) selling hand-made board games and giving half the proceeds to Sick Kids."
  • NAMES: Tia, Varun, Lincoln, Thomas and Adam

  • AGE: 9 - 11 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: $ 1269

  • INNOVATION: The perfect board game that is fun for the family combining math, logic and fantasy elements.

Star Café
"We are Young Entrepreneurs (ages 11 and 12) who made desserts (Madakku San - India, Pavlova - Australia, Coconut Brigadeiro - Brazil, Chocolaty Rumballs - Europe) to raise money to fight Wildfires in Australia."
  • NAMES: Yajat, Pooja, Lauren & Elizabeth

  • AGE: 11 - 12 years old

  • INNOVATION: Hand-made pastries and gourmet coffee from around the world.

Hot Chocolateers
"We are 2 kids from Grade 6 who want to help refugees by selling the world's best hot chocolate kits. We gave a portion of the money we earned to Plan International."
  • NAMES: Sebatian & Tayden

  • AGE: 11 years old (both)

  • ACHIEVEMENT: $ 514

  • INNOVATION: A perfect travel-sized hot chocolate kit!  

"Our idea behind this start-up challenge is to bring an entire experience home with you in a jar. We made these jars available in Hanukkah, Christmas and Spa."
  • NAMES: Avery & Edyn

  • AGE: 9 years old (both)

  • ACHIEVEMENT: $ 507

  • INNOVATION: Created an entire experience in a jar!  

"We are six kids from the Young Entrepreneurs program making a difference by selling handmade French Baguettes at the local bakery and donating to the SickKids Foundation."
  • NAMES: William, Elizabeth, Lauren, Matteo, Aryan and Kishen

  • AGE: 10 - 11 years old

  • ACHIEVEMENT: $ 859

  • INNOVATION: Worked in a bakery and learnt how to make baguettes. Sold over 100 baguettes in less than 2 hours.

  • SPECIAL LEARNINGS: How to start a bakery and focus on quality

"We are a team of Young Entrepreneurs at SBS making a difference by selling delicious hot chocolate. 25% of all profit went to the Jays Care Foundation that helps kids in need go to camp."
  • AGE: Grades 4-6

  • ACHIEVEMENT: $ 256 

  • INNOVATION: Mobile hot chocolate stand delivering hot cocoa to school kids.

  • SPECIAL LEARNINGS: Customer sales & service, legal approvals for business and more.

"We are Young Entrepreneurs learning how to start our own business at the IBM Summer Camp. Our lemonade stand helped raise money for cancer research."


  • AGE: 8 - 16  

  • ACHIEVEMENT: $ 778

  • INNOVATION: Created their own version of "Blue Lemonade" to sell on the IBM Campus. Aced the challenge to create a catchy product that was Instagram pretty.

  • SPECIAL LEARNINGS: Creating business jingles

"We are kids from the Young Entrepreneurs program learning to start our own business venture that raises awareness of shrinking Polar Bear Habitats due to global warming."
  • AGE: 10 & 11

  • ACHIEVEMENT: $ 396

  • INNOVATION: Created their own pop up lemonade stand where they used ice to illustrate the melting ice caps.

  • SPECIAL LEARNINGS: Social media marketing

"We are Young Entrepreneurs learning how to start our own business by launching our own lemonade stand.We donated 50% of all profits to Princess Margaret Cancer Center. When Life Gives You Lemons, Donate."


  • AGE: 7-16

  • ACHIEVEMENT: $ 300 

  • INNOVATION: A pop up store that quite literally brought traffic to a hold on Bayview.

  • SPECIAL LEARNINGS: Benefits of pre-selling, becoming influencers and how influencer marketing works and more

"We are Young Entrepreneurs learning the benefits of vertical farming and how to start our own aquaponics venture. We are selling fresh produce in our pop-up shop while teaching customers the environmental benefits of low power and water usage."


  • AGE: 9-11

  • ACHIEVEMENT: $ 547

  • INNOVATION: Created their own pop up store that sold produce that they had grown themselves. Aced the challenge to sell nutrient-rich fish poop by selling 15 jars of it for $5 each.

  • SPECIAL LEARNINGS: Vertical Farming, making money while saving the environment, and more.

"We are kids who are learning how to start our own artisanal chocolate factory. We raised money for kids who work in these countries and don’t have clean drinking water."


  • AGE: 8-10

  • ACHIEVEMENT: $ 653

  • INNOVATION: Created their own online chocolate company & pop up store by learning how to make the finest Belgian Chocolate with Canada's top Chocolatier, Laura Slack.

  • SPECIAL LEARNINGS:  Preparing gourmet chocolates, learning the importance of quality and more.

  • NAMES: Thomas
  • AGE: 11 years old

  • PORTFOLIO APPRECIATION: $10,883 ($883 made in 5 days)

  • NAMES: Elizabeth
  • AGE: 11 years old

  • PORTFOLIO APPRECIATION: $10,524 ($524 made in 5 days)

  • NAMES: Jeanne (France)
  • AGE: 11 years old

  • PORTFOLIO APPRECIATION: $10,283 ($283 made in 5 days)

  • NAMES: Bay (Toronto)
  • AGE: 11 years old

  • PORTFOLIO APPRECIATION: $10,422 ($422 made in 5 days)

  • NAMES: Jordan (Toronto)
  • AGE: 12 years old

  • PORTFOLIO APPRECIATION: 13% return in 5 days

  • NAMES: Louis (France)
  • AGE: 14 years old

  • PORTFOLIO APPRECIATION: $13,122.75 (31% increase in 5 days!)

  • NAMES: Ellie (New York, USA)
  • AGE: 11 years old

  • PORTFOLIO APPRECIATION: $ 14,000 (40%) return

  • NAMES: Max (Toronto)
  • AGE: 11 years old

  • PORTFOLIO APPRECIATION: three times his virtual portfolio

  • NAMES: Sacha (Toronto)
  • AGE: 12 years old

  • PORTFOLIO APPRECIATION: $ 994.14 (almost 11%) return in 5 days

  • NAMES: Alex (Toronto)
  • AGE: 13 years old

  • PORTFOLIO APPRECIATION: $ 1,257 (12.5%) return in 5 days

Adult Camp Millionaire
"After the program I felt so much more informed that I invested the RESP for my child and purchased my first stock. I am now on my way to Financial Freedom! YAY!"
  • NAMES: Miquela, Pete, Jeanne, Carole & Padina

  • AGE: Adult

"If I save money now, I can buy something nice for myself or my sister when I grow up"
  • NAME: James
  • AGE: 10

"What! We made 5000 dollars in 5 days! WHOA! WOW!"


  • NAMES: Ashley & Mirabella
  • AGE: 11 & 13 years old


"I just don't understand how one person in the White House has so much power over so many people's money around the world"


  • NAMES: James
  • AGE: 12 years old


"I could have spent all my life earnings buying a Porsche (and paying for it). But I would rather have that money now invested and buy a second hand Honda"


  • NAMES: Abtin & Ryan
  • AGE: 16 years old

  • PORTFOLIO APPRECIATION: We stop counting how well they did after they beat us many times in the challenge.

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