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Global Investment Challenge: Glossary of Terms

A comprehensive glossary to aid in the understanding of the Global Investment Challenge. For those who have been in our programs, we have included which levels each term is covered in. 

If you find a term you are not familiar with, please send us a message and we will add it here. 

Term Description Camp Millionaire Level it is covered in
# of Shares The number of shares you are going to buy. This needs to be a whole number. Level 1
Brokerage This is the money you pay to the broker to buy and sell your stocks. At the start of the competition you will pick your broker and will remain with them for the duration of the challenge. Level 1
Capital Gains This is the amount of profit you make. Level 4
Capital Gains Tax This is the amount of tax you pay on the profit. For all participants, this is calculated as 10% of profits. Level 4
Company Name This is the name that the company is listed under. You need to include the whole name when you trade. Level 1
Currency The unique 3 character code for the currency the stock is traded in. For example, US Dollar is USD. Level 1, 3, 5
DCA Dollar Cost Averaging. An investment strategy where you invest a little every period in the same stock. Level 4
DRIP Dividend Re-investment Plan. Dividend you get from stocks is reinvested to get more stocks of the same company. Level 3, 4
F/X Foreign Exchange. This is trading Foreign Exchange. For example, buying British Pounds and then converting that to Australian dollars and so forth. Level 3, 5
Limit Limit Price. This is the amount you are willing to pay for the stock. You can set the price and see if the market hits that level. A Limit Price will expire at the date you set. Level 4
MER Management Expense Ratio. This is the fees you pay to the company that manages your mutual fund. Level 2
Mutual Fund Ticker Just like stocks this is the unique identifier of a mutual fund. The easiest places to find these are on Yahoo Finance website or directly from the Mutual Fund Companies. Level 2
Mutual Funds A type of investment where you buy a unit in an investment which has many different parts to it. Mutual Funds are managed by portfolio managers. Level 2
NAV Net Asset Value. Think of it as the price of one unit of a mutual fund. Level 2
PIN This the 5 digit code starting with 00 that you will use to login to the challenge. Keep this code safe and treat it like a password.
Portfolio This is a collection of all your investments. Think of it as a folder that has a list of all your investments in it. Level 1
Principal This is the starting amount of your investments. Think of it like a Principal in a school. When you start a school, the first person in is the principal. Similarly in an investment account, the first amount you invest is called the Principal. Level 1
Risk The possibility of losing your investment. The key thing to remember is that you can make successful investments without taking risk. Level 1
Share Price The current market price of the share. Level 1
Short Shorting is where you borrow stocks and sell them on the stock market. When the price goes down you buy them and return it to the person you borrowed the original shares from.  Level 6
Stock Market The Stock Market the stock is listed on. For Nasdaq, scroll down until you come to the correct one as Nasdaq has many branches. If you are looking for the one in New York, it's simply "Nasdaq". Level 1
Stocks These are investments in a company where you pay money in order to buy a piece of the company. Level 1
Ticker This is the unique short name for the stock. Remember stock markets outside of USA have Tickers with an extension (example: .TO for Toronto Stock Exchange) you need to add the whole ticker in the competition. Level 1, 3


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