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Global Investment Challenge: Security Protocols to Follow

Here are some security protocols to follow: 

1) Your PIN

This 5 digit number (00XXX) is a password to your competition.  Please do not share it with others!  Our system really can't tell if it was you, or your buddy that made the trade.  So please guard your PIN.  

Do not use someone else's PIN or try to guess someone else's login.  The data comes with security markers and it will simply block access to your IP address. There isn't much we can do then. 

2)  No DMs on Discord 

Let's keep it a fun, safe place for everyone.  Do not DM. Do not share any personal information.  No one needs to know your email, Instagram handle, phone, school etc. Explorer Hop already has the information we need.  If we find participants are breaking this rule, we may have to consider shutting down the server. That would be sad. 

3) Screenshots

In the unlikely event that you have a technical issue and send in a screenshot - please only send a screenshot of that tab so that you do not share any private information inadvertently.   All tech issues should be sent to We will get back to you inside 1 business day. 


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