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Kids Chef Canada LIVE Event


We’re Kids Chef Canada, a group of 20 children aged 11-14 who came together in Explorer Hop's Teen Entrepreneurs program. 
We are bringing you a live cooking show in support of children in Yemen who have no food. Along with the cooking show, we have also created many unique, custom-made digital backgrounds that you can purchase - this way your can be a super-chef on Instagram without worrying about a messy kitchen! :-) 
Thank you for attending our show, please also consider donating to our charity! Supporting our initiative would be appreciated as all funds will go to the charity CARE International to help feed children in Yemen!

How to connect to the show?

SATURDAY 3.00PM  (via ZOOM) 

 Link to Zoom:

What to expect in the show?

Be prepared to be incredibly impressed!  Our teens are hyper talented and bring you a wide range of foods from all over the world! 
Look in awe as they share all the secret tips from their gastronomical kitchens! 

Check out our website!!

And don't forget to see the website with all the recipes that you can then make at home.  This was made in 3 days by kids in the program.  
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