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Mentoring and Supervision Plan for Employees



Explorer Hop’s employees undergo the necessary training to contribute effectively to the overall success of employees. Employees will be under the direct supervision of other staff members who will in turn report to the CEO. The goal of the mentoring and supervision plan is to enable employees to develop effective open communication and get support. 

Background Checks 

Background Checks: All staff members irrespective of their roles,  and volunteers should undergo a police background check prior to being hired or volunteering at the camp. All employees are free from criminal records. No exceptions shall be tolerated. Police checks need to be provided to Explorer Hop prior to the start of their employment. 


Explorer hop will provide adequate mentoring to the staff this include through daily meetings with their direct supervisors, through weekly team meetings and on request 1:1 with the CEO. 

Staff Training:

All Explorer Hop staff should undergo thorough training on health andsafety protocols, including proper supervision techniques. Staff members should be trained to actively engage with other team members, monitor their activities, and intervene when necessary to prevent injuries or unsafe behaviour.



Job Description For Each Position

Title:  Interactive media programmer 

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Interactive developers needed to create an interactive learning portal that will help youth and young adults understand nancial literacy and entrepreneurship through interactive systems. 

Tasks include: 

- Create an interactive portal for nancial literacy and Entrepreneurship - where youth and young adults will learn how to launch businesses that will raise money for charities in our community. 

-Write, modify, integrate and test software code. 

-Maintain existing computer programs by making modications as required 

-Identify and communicate technical problems, processes and solutions 

-Prepare reports, manuals and other documentation on the status, operation and maintenance of software - Assist in the collection and documentation of user requirements 

-Assist in the development of logical and physical specications 

-May lead and co- ordinate teams of computer programmers 

-May research and evaluate a variety of software products. 

-Program animation software to predened specications for interactive video games, Internet and mobile applications 

-Program special eects software for lm and video applications 

-Write, modify, integrate and test software codes for e-commerce, Internet and mobile applications 


Title: Camp Counsellor 

Tasks and Responsibilities:

The Camp Counselor will be able to work both on-line or in-person depending on the situation.  They will help plan events and lead group events, monitor campers and respond to incidents or accidents, log events and maintain records relating to activities, and discuss camper participation and concerns with parents and other camp staff members. You should be positive, proactive, and caring while focusing on giving campers a fun, safe camp experience. In addition, camp counsellors should be able to create a good camp experience both on-line and in-person. 

Tasks include: 

- Working with other camp staff members to plan and coordinate camp events both online and offline.

- Leading and supporting campers as they participate in age-appropriate activities.

- Monitoring campers to ensure compliance with camp rules and prevent accidents.

- Maintaining and ensuring proper use of camp facilities and equipment.

- Reporting and recording details of incidents, such as accidents or rule violations, to parents and camp staff.

- Memorizing all emergency procedures and enforcing camp rules.

- Participating in staff meetings.

- Continue organisation’s focus on community involvement, helping charities and protecting and conserving the environment through green initiative entrepreneurial camps for youth.

- Extensively following social distancing and hygiene.  

- Cleaning, maintaining and ensuring proper use of camp facilities and equipment.


Title: Web graphic designer 

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Web Graphic designers are needed to create visual content for our programs and to create the visuals for the interactive platform for our Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy programs for use to provide youth with the means to start a business and raise money for the community organizations. Web graphic designers decide how websites look, making choices about layout, fonts, and images to create usable and aesthetically pleasing websites. 

Tasks include: 

- Work on individual page elements, such as logos or images, that are incorporated into the nal design Design and Layout Page Elements.

- Designing and placing elements on a web page, which can include logos and images as well as textual elements. 

- Create a mockup or wireframe using image editing software and work with developers and programmers to transform this wireframe into a functional website.

- Edit Images for Websites, involve resizing and cropping images, correcting colours, and ensuring that images are correctly formatted and optimized for mobile and desktop web browsers.

- Create images from scratch and save them as vector images that can be repurposed throughout the site. 

- Meet with youth who are launching businesses to determine website specications and collaborate on its overall design and aesthetic. 

- Collaborate with developers throughout the design process, ensure that front-end and back- end elements work together as expected. 

- May provide notes on usability and functionality from the client and discuss how to integrate the client’s needs with back-end technologies and functions while also determining how the page’s architecture will work with elements like images, text, and navigation menus. 

- Test websites for usability and ensure that page elements are present and functional when the site goes live. 

- Create video content to encourage learning and enjoyment. 

Title: Copywriter

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Excellent written and spoken English Able to write clear, compelling, concise copy for Explorer Hop advertising and promotional materials. Major in English, experience in writing comedy related scripts for Explorer Hop social media platforms. A portfolio is needed to showcase your previous projects and work samples.

Tasks include: 

- Interpret copywriting briefs to understand Explorer Hop project requirements 

- Collaborate with graphic designers and other team members in marketing and development on both small and big scale marketing projects, email campaigns, landing pages 

- Edit and proofread copy as needed for blogs and other written forms of content 

- Use SEO principles to maximize Explorer Hop's outreach and potential collaborations. Source images and other content required Other duties on ad hoc basis. 


Title:  Social media community manager

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Help reach out to the newcomer and visible minority communities in our area and bring awareness of the need to get money management skills and entrepreneurship skills. 

Tasks include: 

-Design and implement a social media strategy to align with organization goals

-Μanage and grow Explorer Hop’s online communities and overall web presence

-Create, edit, publish and share engaging content regularly

-Monitor SEO and web traffic

- Respond to online comments and questions in a timely and positive manner, conforming to ethical standards

- Suggest and implement ideas that help advance the organization’s goals (competitions, promotions, celebrations etc.)

- Assist with other Marketing tasks

More Detail on Tasks:

1) Instagram Feeds - curate images, create posts and create text posts. Social Media Listening, responding to posts and following others to get active participation and profile views up to 30% of followers. Post 5 x week

2) Facebook Feeds - Curate specific Facebook only feeds and news articles to share. Social Media Listening, responding to posts and following others to get active participation and profile views up to 30% of followers. Post additional 2 x week

3) Mailchimp - create campaigns.

4) Linkedin - curate content for Linkedin and post at regular intervals. About 3 times a week.

5) Twitter - Create posts to Tweet on a daily basis.

6) Wechat - create posts to manage account 

7) Discord - create servers and manage all questions from youth that come through discord

8) Reddit 

9) Google Ads


Title: Actor/Actress

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Actor/Actress usually involves interpreting the content of the financial literacy and entrepreneurship videos to bring the message to life. We are looking for individuals who are articulate, can take on different characters and are able to bring to life these subjects. 

Tasks include: 

- Act as a guide to help users understand the material and move from one step to the next. 

- Provide voice overs to the animated videos.

- May take part in other initiatives.  
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