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Grades 4&5
Young Entrepreneurs Program

  1. Idea Development
  2. Branding
  3. Operations
  4. Marketing 101
  5. Finance 101
  6. Leadership 101
  7. Creating a Product Listing
  1. Critical & Strategic Thinking
  2. SWOT
  3. Public Speaking
  4. Media & PR Plan - Marketing 102
  5. Varied Pricing & Accounting 101
  6. Leadership 102

Grades 6-8
Teen Entrepreneurs Program

  1. Digital Idea Transformation
  2. Digital Branding
  3. Project Management 201
  4. Marketing - Digital Marketing (IG, FB)
  5. Finance - Pricing Strategies
  6. Pitch Development
  7. Create a web page
  1. Creating a Global Product
  2. Customer Engagement on Digital Platforms
  3. CEO Building
  4. Digital Marketing (Google & Youtube)
  5. Balance Sheet development
  6. Digital Pitch development
  7. Adding e-commerce to the web page

Teacher Profile

Savindi Hewage

(Would teach Wednesday Programs)

"Savindi is originally from Sri Lanka and moved to Toronto, ON in high school. She's been with Explorer Hop since November, 2019. She graduated with honours from Ryerson University in Business Administration majoring in Marketing.

She helps build and teach our Entrepreneurship programs to kids from around the world. As someone who is very passionate about entrepreneurship, Savindi has also got hands on experience in launching a number of small business initiatives. "

Nitish Kumar

(Would teach Saturday Programs)

"Nitish is from Fiji and moved to Toronto, ON as a child. He’s been with Explorer Hop since September 2020. He graduated with the highest honours from the University of Toronto in June of 2020 with a degree in Chemical Engineering. This demanding program made it very easy for him to understand the quantitiative side of business and entreprenership.  

He is much loved by the students and having launched his own small start-up in the gaming world, he is well suited for taking their ideas and moving it into the global digital space. He primarily teaches our camp millionaire investing courses & our Entrepreneurship programs."


Student Reviews

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