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Rules for All Work No Play Board Game


This game is very fun. You start off as a Hockey player and retire after you go around the board. Then you are a tour guide in the Amazon rainforest. The first person to get around the other side of the board ( the Amazon rainforest)  wins the game. There are a few catches to this game so read the rules!

About the Maker:

Hi! My name is William Carter. I am a ten year old boy who loves traveling and hockey. I chose to make this game because I wanted a fun thing to do for kids who enjoy both these things. I designed this game on my own and I hope you will have fun playing it.


  1. First open the board and shuffle the cards. You need to start with the hockey board.
  2. Each person starts with one pawn.
  3. The youngest player starts and draws a card from the “card” zone.
  4. You move your peg according to the number on the card.
  5. Your goal is to go all the way around the hockey board. Once the first person has completed going around the hockey board, count how many spaces are left between the first person and the last person. Remember this number.
  6. Switch over to the rainforest board. (Turn the board over)
  7. The player who was ahead on the hockey board moves the number of spaces that you calculated earlier.
  8. Keep picking cards and move your pawn until you come to the end.
  9. First person to go around the rainforest board game wins!

Enjoy my game!!


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