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Rules for Cops and Robbers Board Game

About the game 

This is Cops and Robbers. This game is about getting to the exit if you’re a robber, and arresting robbers if you’re a cop. This game is also about escaping and doing your job.

About the maker

My name is Tristan and I am the creator of the Cops and Robbers board game that you are playing now. I am 12 years old and am glad that you decided to purchase my game and hope that you enjoy it.

Rules of the Game 

  1. This game is for 2-6 players. 
  2. When robbing a house, draw from the house pile. You can draw as many times as you want but if you draw a cops called card, then you must roll a three or less to escape the cops. If you roll a four or higher, you get sent to jail and don’t get the money from the things you stole. 
  3. If you are arrested, you will lose half your money. 
  4. At the beginning of every round, you will spin the spinner and depending on what the spinner lands on, that area will become mafia territory. If it lands on house and you are on or land on a house tile while it’s in effect, you will get reset and be sent back to jail .Then you will also lose all of your money. 
  5. Every 2 rounds, cops will get 200 dollars. 
  6. You can spend 200 dollars to get an item card or a skill card. 
  7. If you land on an arrest a robber or confuse a cop, you will pick a cop or robber to send back to the start. If you are a robber and land on an arrest a robber or a cop and land on a confuse a cop, nothing will happen. If a cop lands on the same tile as a robber, the robber will be arrested. 
  8. If you are targeted for an arrest a robber or confuse a cop or or just getting arrested because a cop landed on the same tile as you, you can use an item card to make it so you don’t reset. This also works on the spinner and stops you from getting arrested after getting caught in a house. 
  9. Cops roll first.
  10.  After breaking out of prison as a robber, if you go to jail again, you must roll a four or higher to escape from jail again. 
  11. Cops win by having all robbers in jail. 
  12. Robbers win by having all robbers at the exit.
  13. Only robbers can purchase skill cards.
  14. If you are a cop, you can go around the board and if you reach the exit you will continue to move to the start and around the board again.
  15. If you are a robber and you land on a hiding spot and a cop lands on the tile, then you won’t get reset. If you are a cop this does not save you from how’s it feel?.
  16. If you are a robber and you land on the bank tile, you can rob it. If you choose to rob it, you will roll a die. If you get a three or higher, you get 100 dollars. If you fail, the cops come and you must roll a four or higher to escape. Running boots still take effect and you can rob the bank as many times as you want.
  17. Only robber can rob from houses.
  18. After robbing a house, put all the cards back in the house pile.

You can send me feedback on the rules by emailing, and Explorer Hop will forward it to me. 

Enjoy the game!

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