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Rules Mythical Lands Board Game


The objective of the game is to cover as much territory as possible with the resources you have. At each territory, there is one mythical creature you have to tame. To tame it you have to give it the food it likes. But you don’t know what food it likes until you get the information card for it. You also have to have enough defence and damage to deal to face it.


About the Maker: 

My name is Arjay. Some things about me are that I like to play board games with my family, and video games with my friends. I love mythical creatures and am a big fan of Harry Potter. 


How to Play: 

Step 1- The oldest starts picking their power

Step 2-  Then they do rock, paper, scissors to pick which player they are (1,2,3 or4)

Step 3- He or she can buy weapons and shields from the shop 

Step 4- Next person goes 

Step 5- once you have captured a territory, place the pin of your colour down to make sure it is yours 

Step 6- Then the board shall GET CONQUERED!!!


How to Win: 

How you win is to capture as many territories as possible. You do that by taming the mythical creatures. Once you tame the animals they can help you defend the land that you have conquered.



  1. 4 players max
  2. You have damage you can deal to the mythical creatures to tame them
  3. You have defence to help you when you are taming the creatures
  4. You get to pick a power out of a bag that you can use once in the game. The powers are fire, water, earth, air
  5. You start off with 10 gold coins
  6. Every time it’s your turn you get 5 gold coins 
  7. You have gold coins that you can use to buy things in the shop
  8. You can buy different things Like…
    • Food for mythical creatures
    • weapons and shields for damage and defence
    • when you concur a territory you collect the monsters element ( fire, water, earth, and air)



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