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Financial Accounting Fundamentals, Grade 11 (BAF3M)

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What will you learn?

In this course, we will take you through a multitude of key subject matters surrounding financial accounting fundamentals, allowing you to become knowledgeable about and get comfortable with financial accounting. 

Subjects in this course include basis of accounting, sources of financing, financial accounting report, accounting cycles and more - around which we have built and curated content designed for you to master financial accounting and eventually handle money independently. The aim of this course is to build your financial confidence and equip you with the tools, resources and knowledge required to prepare adequately for an independent financial future.

What is in the program?

You will get to learn all about:

Basics of Financial Accounting:

1. ✅ Basis of accounting

2. ✅ Sources of financing

3.Ethics in accounting 

4. Financial accounting report

5. Chart of accounts and the accounting equation

Financial Accounting Transactions

1.  What the accounting cycle is

2. ✅ How to record transactions

3.  Classified balance sheets

4.  ✅ Accounting for sales tax

5. ✅ Banking and cash

The systematic process of Financial Accounting

1. ✅ Inventories system

2. ✅ Computer application in accounting

3. ✅ Impact of technology on accounting

4. ✅ Internal control and procedures


Included in the program:

1. A fun learning experience with tons of relevant multimedia videos that help you better understand the material

2. Quizzes and challenges throughout the program that further help with knowledge acquisition. 

3. Mini-Challenges that test your knowledge on Financial Accounting

4. User-Generated Content that allows you to put yourself in the forefront and master the information

Instruction type: 

This is an online self-learning program. No live instruction is included in this program. 

1) Basis of accounting
2) Sources of financing
3) Ethics in accounting
4) Financial accounting report
5) Chart of accounts and the accounting equation
6) What the accounting cycle is
7) How to record transactions
8) Classified balance sheets
9) Accounting for sales tax
10) Banking and cash
11) Inventories system
12) Computer application in accounting
13) Impact of technology on accounting
14) Internal control and procedures

1) A device with access to the internet

2) Paper and pencils

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