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Fixed Income

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Looking to invest in some safe assets?

It's time to take control!

Whether you are a new investor or a seasoned one, this fun easy-to-understand class will demystify how all interest rate products (like bonds) work and give you a serious advantage when it comes to picking the right investment. 

In this fabulous self-learning program, you will learn everything you need to know about Fixed Income. In the end, you will be able to apply your knowledge to understand and get bonds, GIC, and other fixed-income products. 

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: In this course students learn about fixed income and its guaranteed return. Students learn that fixed income investments are low risk and fixed. Students will learn more about fixed income products starting from savings accounts, and moving towards GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificates), Government backed bonds and corporate bonds. This course consists of many informative lessons with educational videos and texts.


This course begins with an introduction to fixed income, teaching students what fixed income is and what different types of fixed income products exist.

Then, this chapter explores the concept of interest by taking learners through content that explains what interest does, exposes them to different types of interest and teaches them how to calculate simple and compound interest.

Following this, the risks and benefits of fixed income products are explored to ensure that students understand that no element of finance is simply a one-way fast track to money. Instead, care must be taken to understand the benefits and drawbacks of a Fixed Income investment.

This course then proceeds to deepen students’ knowledge of different fixed income products by discussing more types of fixed income products available and exploring how to go about investing in these products. Finally, this course will conclude with a deep dive into bonds.

Students will end their fixed income journey in this program by getting to know examples of different bonds and the risks they carry with them as well as learning about bond rating agencies and what they evaluate. Part of this final stretch will also be learning about bond pricing and yield, as a means of bringing this course’s lesson about bonds full circle before the course wraps up.



  • Gain valuable knowledge in investing 
  • Make strong financial decisions
  • Learn how to make your money grow in value 
  • Practical Applications


This is an online self-learning program. No live instruction is included in this program. 

*Topics Covered:*
1) Learn what fixed income is and examples of fixed income products
2) Understand the concept of interest, types of interest rates and how to calculate simple interest
3) Explore the risks and benefits of fixed-income products
4) Learn about different types of fixed-income products and how to invest in them
5) Explore the differences between fixed-income investments and equity investments
6) Examine one particular type of fixed income investment
7) Understand bond pricing and yield, including the differences between bond pricing at and after issuance

1) A device with access to the internet

2) Paper and pencils

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