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Board Game Ninjas! (Grades 4-6) Self Learning

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What will you learn?

Let us bring you on an entrepreneurial journey to sell your own board games! You will learn all the details required on creating a digital board game, from the background information to specific details. Decide on your story, how many players, and game pieces, you will learn how to plan, layout and build your own from scratch. How exciting! Have your pick of packaging designs to market your board games and be involved in the process of constantly improving and testing your ideas and creations before selling online and donating sale proceeds to charity! 

What is in this program?

✅ Math

✅ Logic

✅ Art

✅ Entrepreneurship

1) Developing and using skills in Math, Logic and Art to create a board game
2) Understanding how to take the board game created and become an entrepreneur by listing it on Amazon
3) Learn about the details that go into creating a board game (story, number of players etc.)
Understand how to layout, plan, and build a board game
4) Explore the different components of a board game (game pieces, game characters etc.)
5) Discover how to create a guide for a board game
6) Learn to create a board game packaging cover
7) Understand the importance of and process involved with testing and revising a board game prior to distribution
8) Get real-life experience with turning your board game into a business

1) A device with access to the internet

2) Paper and pencils

After you purchase, you will receive an email to access the course at the Explorer Hop Learning Portal.

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