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Boredom Buster

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Student Names: Kyle Li, Megan Gayo

Our book is a perfect way for kids and parent’s boredom to go away! We assume that everyone gets bored once in a while, and if that time is now… well this book would be right for you! This book is designed to occupy everyone that’s bored and to invoke fun!

Our company (Boredom Busters) creates online books that entertain children and even parents. We came up with a new book called “What to do when you're bored”, and this book contains many activities for you and children to do whether you're at home, on a road trip, or anywhere.

This book contains:
- Educational pages
- Instructions on virtual activities
- Lyrics to popular kid songs
- Coloring pages (includes 2 pencils and 3 crayons)
- Virtual games such as word searches, mazes, and chess

This book is for curing people’s boredom, and hopefully it can cure yours!

The money that you buy for your book will be sent to “Kids Help Phone”. 

Note: This is a virtual product, an exercise to teach children about entrepreneurship skills. Any sales will be considered as donations.
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