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Camp Millionaire Level 1 (Stock Market)

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General Course Information

  • Grades: 7-11

  • Class Size: Max. 20 students

  • Class Length: 10 hours

About the Class

Camp Millionaire Series is a globally recognized program that teaches youth investing. At every step, students learn hands-on by playing in a simulated virtual trading environment.

In this introductory class, students dive into the world of Investing! 

Through this fun and hands-on program, students learn the fundamentals of investing and how the stock market works.  They will play a virtual investment challenge where they input virtual trades using real-time stock market data, learn key stock market indicators and do research on how world events impact their portfolios. This is the best first step into the world of investing.

    Topics Covered (Level 1):

    • Investing and Equity Trading
    • Risk, Earnings, Valuation, Financial Trends
    • Understand Stock Market Movements
    • Stock Market Fundamentals
      • Ticker, Price, Graphs
      • Market Cap
      • Risk Analysis & Beta
      • Earnings & PE Ratio
      • Dividends
    • Importance of News and Research in Investing

    In-person locations:

    Yonge & Eglinton: St Clements School, 21 St. Clements Ave Toronto, Ontario M4R 1G8 

    The cancellation policy for all camps includes a $50 fee. If you choose to switch to a different camp within one week of purchase, there will be no charge. However, after this one-week period, there may be a fee for changing camps.


    Online courses

    Our online e-courses have live instruction on either Zoom or Google Meet. Details will be sent to you after your purchase.

    In-person courses

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    1) Analyzing financial news and understanding how external factors can impact investments
    2) Understanding the fundamentals of stocks and the stock market
    3) Gaining experience with participating in a simulated stock trading exercise using a direct feed from Wall Street

    Voted top educational program in Canada.

    Featured in BBC, Global, CTV, Breakfast TV, CBC and more.

    Be better than the best

    As students advance through the grades of ExplorerHop financial education courses, they develop industry level skills and strategies. In Level 5 of the Camp Millionaire series, students are taught at a 3rd-year university level. In Level 8 they utilize concepts that are taught at a Masters level.

    When a student completes an entire ExplorerHop course series, they are equipped with the knowledge of a strong industry professional.

    Make a difference to your family

    ExplorerHop students learn how to plan for their future. Early financial literacy empowers children to understand and challenge how the world works. When your child understands the value of money, they can begin actualizing practical ways to grow it.

    Many of our courses offer the choice to purchase a supplementary app. The app is an engaging online learning module designed for your child. Each stage of the module offers exclusive content and interactive games that will help your child progress through the course. With the app your child will have access to these resources at all times, allowing for additional learning and support between classes. The app is offered through Canvas, and the student will be set up after starting the course.

    If you want your child to squeeze the most out of this experience, the app is a must-have!

    Earn Duke of Edinburgh's hours

    Bronze for students ages 14+ - 13 weeks

    Silver for students ages 15+ - 26 weeks

    Gold for students ages 16+ - 52 weeks

    Earn Scouts badges:

    Scouts Canada is a Canadian Scouting association providing programs for young people, aged 5 to 26, with the stated aim "to help develop well rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world."

    Scouts for students ages 11 to 14 - Badges: Community, Canada, World, Hobby, Technology, Engineering, Science

    Venturer for students ages 15 to 17 - Badges: Community, Canada, World, Hobby, Technology, Engineering, Science

    Rover for students ages 18 to 26 - Badges: Community, Canada, World, Hobby, Technology, Engineering, Science

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