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Become a Day Trading Pro

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Day Trading is becoming increasingly popular.  In order to succeed and make money in this form of day trading, you need to fully understand how the markets work and how to do Technical Analysis (which means understanding the stock data). 


In this course, students learn how to become day traders by relying on technical analysis and building their chart reading skills.  They will then use this knowledge to trade continuously in our simulated virtual trading platform.  


This course starts with teaching what day trading is,

  • How do people day trade?
  • Pros and Cons of day trading. 

Then, we dive into the core of day trading:

  • Differences between swing and day trading
  • Difference between technical analysis and fundamental analysis 
  • Learn support, resistance levels and trendlines.
  • Candlestick and charting analysis
  • Value Area Trading
  • Chart setup, reading price action and understanding risk management
  • Discussion of several relevant pricing models
  • Key day trading concepts like volume and grid/algo

PREREQUISITE(S):  Learn to Trade (ENCM01)


  • Gain valuable knowledge in day trading  
  • Make strong financial decisions
  • Learn how to make your money grow in value 
  • Practical Applications

Topics Covered:
1) Learn what day trading is, how people do it, and why
2) Understand the differences between swing and day trading
3) Explore what it means to engage in technical analysis and how it differs from fundamental analysis
4) Explore some of the most common terms in the world of technical analysis
5) Understand the concepts of support and resistance level
6) Get to know the utility of trendlines and the purpose they serve in analyzing stock price movement
7) Explore candlestick analysis
8) Understand indicators in the stock market and how they help investors make decisions regarding market movement, entry, exit etc.
9) Understand the Value Area Trading Strategy
10) Explore, through practice, the steps involved with technical analysis, including: chart setup; charting patterns, resistance and support; charting micro-timeframes; reading price action and understanding risk management
11) Understand why day trading is not for everyone and examine some specific reasons behind why you might consider not engaging in this activity
12) Examine the concept of fundamental analysis, including pricing models
13) Understand key day trading concepts such as volume, grid trading and algo trading

1) A device with access to the internet

2) Paper and pencils

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