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Debate Junior Model UN (Grade 4-6)

Debate Junior Model UN (Grade 4-6) Debate Skill Investement knowledge Program Debate Skill Financial Literacy Program Debate Skill Entrepreneurship Program for kids

Put your voice and your critical thinking skills to the test!

Ready to let the world hear your ideas?  How about being an ambassador of a country in the UN? In our Debate & Model UN Program, kids discuss some of the biggest topics in global issues and learn how to become an ace. In our program, kids take on the positions of different countries and represent the views of their countries.  This fun class teaches all students about current global issues, building communication, team-building, writing skills and teaches them how to research information. 

Topics include:

  • Research Strategy
  • Basics of Model United Nations
  • Roles within Model United Nations
  • Global issues facing the United Nations
  • Negotiation
  • Global Issue Topics: Domestic and foreign policy interests, Environment, etc.
  • International Diplomacy


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What do I need for e-learning?

1) A device with access to the internet and a webcam

2) Paper and pencils

3) Ideas

4) A smile

- we will send you all the rest of the information! 


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