Dragon Destroyers

Dragon Destroyers - Explorer Hop

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Play our board game & learn to make your own too!

 We are two kids that love card games, and we would love to show the world the way we love to make card games. One of the co-founders is from Ottawa and the other card game maker is from Toronto. We learned how to make card games through Zoom. 

This is a 2-in-1, with a card game and video that teaches how you too can make your own. It’s nicely designed with Dragons vs. Knights. You have to use strategy and luck to play the game, but mostly strategy. It’s a cool game that you and your family would love to play. You can play with friends too.

Disclaimer: You will have to print your own at home. It’s very easy to print. There is no-contact delivery and best of all it doesn’t need to get delivered. You don’t have to wait for it to come!


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