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e-Around the World (Grades 1 - 3)

e-Around the World (Grades 1 - 3)
Around the World in 5 Days Camp! (Ages 6 - 10) - Explorer Hop
Around the World in 5 Days Camp! (Ages 6 - 10) - Explorer Hop
Product image 1e-Around the World (Grades 1 - 3)
Product image 2Around the World in 5 Days Camp! (Ages 6 - 10) - Explorer Hop
Product image 3Around the World in 5 Days Camp! (Ages 6 - 10) - Explorer Hop
Kids learn about around the world culture and many more.Kids travel through out the world via Virtual Camp Youth Entrepreneurship Program on Money Investment

Voted Top Educational Camp in Toronto! 


Let your child run loose in a new country, while never leaving the safety of your home!

These stress-free creative camps are perfect for your adventurous world traveller.

Every week is different, so sign your child up for multiple weeks! 

In this engaging and innovative e-program, we have taken our popular in-person camp and transformed it quite magically into a whole new experience online.  Kids learn everything from how to drape a saree in India, to create their own coral reef to African soil painting!  It’s literally a choose your own adventure.

No matter which variation of the program you choose, your child will:

  • Embark on an imaginary journey across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and/or Australia and New Zealand to learn what it’s like to be a kid elsewhere in the world through world culture lessons
  • Get immersed with varied age-appropriate activities that cover art, music, history, geography, and sports.
  • Gain knowledge of the world to become confident leaders of tomorrow
  • Learn real-life skills about globalization and world cultures!

      To continue with the learning at home, we will provide even more fun activities which kids can do independently, keeping them occupied for several hours.


      Available now in all time zones globally. Select your time zone and enroll.


      What do I need for e-learning?

      1) A device with access to the internet and a webcam

      2) Lots of sleep the night before

      3) Ideas

      4) A smile!

      - we will send you all the rest of the information



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