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e-Camp Millionaire Level 7 (Advanced Options & Futures) Make your own Hedge Fund

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Ready to launch your own hedge fund? That's exactly what you will do here.  

** This Camp Millionaire Level gives you an immersion into finance that is not taught even in MBA programs**

General Course Information


In this fabulous hands-on course, you will take on the role of a hedge fund manager and manage a huge virtual portfolio where you will invest in different derivatives. 

In this options trading course, students will begin by learning about what options are, the difference between put and call options and how to trade options. Then, students will learn about the options available to them as holders of a particular option. 

The next part of this course will explore the profitability of options, students learn how to make a profit with both call and put options. This course will also cover the difference between short and long position options, American vs European options and talk a little about the process and details related to buying and selling call and put options.

This will be followed with a detailed understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of options in order to expose students to both sides of this financial tool.

Option pricing is the next subject handled in this course. Including a discussion about premiums, expiry and supply and demand, the first thing we cover about pricing is the basics. Then, we talk about how options acquire their value (intrinsically and extrinsically), provide examples of option prices, and explore three key ideas related to options: being in-the-money, at-the-money and out-of-the-money.

Following our conversations related to the basics of options pricing, this course then continues with an examination of what are called options greeks - risk factors (which determine an option’s price) that are each identified by a letter in the greek alphabet.

Finally, this chapter will conclude by wrapping options trading up and providing students with a window into a popular options pricing model called the Black Scholes Model - which will help learners to collate all the previous options pricing information learned in this course into a succinct and easily digestible practical application.

        *Topics Covered:*
        1) Analyzing financial news and understanding how external factors can impact investments
        2) Learning about complex trading, portfolio construction, and risk management techniques
        3) Gaining experience with participating in a simulated stock trading exercise using a direct feed from Wall Street
        4) Learn what options are, the difference between put and call options and how to trade options
        5) Understand the decisions/directions available to you as an options holder
        6) Dissect the profitability of options
        7) Explore the difference between American and European options
        8) Understand the process and details related to buying and selling put and call options
        9) Examine the advantages and disadvantages of options trading
        10) Dive deep into understanding options pricing, including how different things like premiums work and how options greeks influence pricing
        11) Learn about a popular options pricing model called the Black Scholes model

        1) A device with access to the internet

        2) Paper and pencils

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