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Have you ever been stuck at home with nothing to do?

Being stuck at home can be boring and drab. However today, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind boardgame to make being stuck at home, fun and connective. You can spend more time with family, and also develop your strategic skills, with our new board game, Forsaken! It’s a quick-to-print strategy game where you’re a general seeking out other planets to conquer. You can gather new resources on other hidden planets and have adventure through alien life. Also, you can get all this for only $15.00 (Canadian Dollars).

We are two kids that love board games, and we would love to share our new invention. One of the co-founders is from California and the other board game maker is from Toronto. 

We are donating our proceeds to the Daily Bread Food Bank to help fight hunger in GTA and support everyone who needs recovery.

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