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FYI is an all-in-one package with videos that teach individuals how to cook simple, yet delicious recipes, and how to find stable investments that are worth looking at. All of our profits will go to the Daily Bread Food Bank.

  • How to make fancy ramen noodles
  • How to make an egg-less mug cakes
  • How to build an excellent stock portfolio

This product is made by three Teen Entrepreneurs: Emma, Tiana, and James. This project helps us understand entrepreneurship better by personally gaining experience while expressing our passions at the same time.

All of our proceeds go to Daily Bread Food Bank to help people who have been struggling during Covid-19. This past year has been tough for everyone, especially for people who have lost their job and don’t have that much money to spend on food, Daily Bread Food Bank can help with that! This organization will help feed the individuals who indefinitely struggle to keep their health stable.

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