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Global Finance

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Did you ever want to invest in a different country but didn't know how to get around it? 

This course takes you around the world.  Invest in every major stock market.  Learn about particular aspects of each market and get a solid understanding on how events around the world are interconnected and impact companies everywhere.  


    • Financial Research/News Analysis
    • Global Finance
    • Investing and Equity Trading
    • Risk, Earnings, Valuation, Financial Trends
    • Stock Market Fundamentals


    In this course, learners will be taken on a global journey around the finance “sun”. To begin, students are taught about foreign exchange, or forex, and understand how exchange rates are calculated. Additionally, this course explores why companies use and engage in foreign exchange while identifying some of the major markets where this practice occurs. Then, to further solidify the concept of forex for students in this program, this course discusses and differentiates between three types of forex markets: spot, futures and forwards.

    Once students get a solid foundation of forex, they can start trading in over 25 countries learning about their stock markets and economies in general.  

    Through this course, you will be a profound understanding of how international markets are interconnected. 

    COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course examines the importance of investing globally. Some of the things students learn about are: the emergence of Asia (and particularly China) as a global power, the impact of Brexit on the economy, and how hyperinflation in South America impacts their portfolios. This course consists of many informative lessons with educational videos and texts. 

    PREREQUISITE(S): ENCM02 (Mutual Funds & ETFs)


    • Gain valuable knowledge in investing 
    • Make strong financial decisions
    • Learn how to make your money grow in value 
    • Practical Applications

    1) Learn what foreign exchange (forex) is, how forex works and how exchange rates are calculated
    2) Identify some of the major markets in forex
    3) Understand why companies use/engage in foreign exchange
    4) Learn about the difference between three forex markets: spot markets, forwards markets and futures markets
    5) Learn about the realities of being a forex trader and what goes into forex contracts
    6) Explore and understand the realities of investing in countries such as China, India, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Australia, France, Chile, Mexico

    1) A device with access to the internet

    2) Paper and pencils

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