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Global Investment Challenge! - Winter 2024

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Are you ready to test your investing skills against other competitors?  

Join our Global Investment Challenge and win!  

Investment Challenge runs from Jan 22 - March 1st, 2024.

Every person will get a virtual portfolio of $30,000.

You can invest in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Fixed Income and use Limit Trades, Dollar Cost Averaging, and DRIP to build your portfolio.  

You need to trade at least 1 time per week.  

At the end of this period, the person with the highest portfolio value wins a $100 Amazon gift card. 

What are you waiting for? Sign up now! You can enter at any point.

A registration form will be sent after your purchase. Please check your spam folder if you did not receive one. 

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Earn Duke of Edinburgh's hours

Bronze for students ages 14+ - 13 weeks

Silver for students ages 15+ - 26 weeks

Gold for students ages 16+ - 52 weeks

Scouts Canada Badges

Earn Scouts badges:

Scouts Canada is a Canadian Scouting association providing programs for young people, aged 5 to 26, with the stated aim "to help develop well-rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world."

Scouts for students ages 11 to 14 (badges: Community, Canada, World, Hobby, Technology, Engineering, Science)

Venturer for students ages 15 to 17 (badges: Community, Canada, World, Hobby, Technology, Engineering, Science)

Rover for students ages 18-26 (badges: Community, Canada, World, Hobby, Technology, Engineering, Science)

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Prisha Dhuper
Global investment challenge

Very fun and interesting

Aditya Agrawal
Global Investment Challenge - A truly global experience

The global investment challenge allows participants to broaden their horizons by enabling them to invest in multiple financial instruments and encouraging them to take risks.

Maxime Tourniaire
Cool to be able to invest in crypto

My favourite part of the challenge was that cryptos were available to invest in. Other than that, I just needed to invest in more stocks. I'm looking forward to competing when the challenge happens again!

Thanks for your input Maxime. We love your confidence! Looking forward to seeing you at the next competition. (:

Hethvi Shah
I think it was great!

The discord channel that we used to chat with the other competitors was awesome. I invested in stocks, mutual funds, and foreign exchange. I would have done more research in companies to strengthen my knowledge, and learned how to understand a trend for the profit or loss. I'm glad I know to learn these things for next time.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us Hethvi! Increased research and analysis of trends are two great ways to improve your investment strategies. You're already on the way to better performance— we can't wait to see you try out your new skills at the next competition.

Ethan Nadar
Lots of things I would have done differently

I did ok, the competition was a little more challenging than I anticipated. I should have considered using fixed income from the beginning and looking at websites that predict the ups and downs of stocks, BEFORE I invested in them. I need to learn more about how mutual funds work too. The website is simple to use though so you should not be intimidated of entering. It’s fun even if you don't place well because of the discord channel.

Thanks for participating and sharing your insight Ethan. You observed a lot of concepts that will help you improve your investment strategies, like fixed income, analysis, and mutual funds. We teach all of this in our Camp Millionaire series, which means you're on your way to having all of those skills under your belt. Oh, and we thought the discord channel was fun too! It's awesome that you got to engage with your peers virtually.

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