Spring break registration now open!!

Graphic Design (Grades 4-6)

Want to create the coolest graphics? 

Learn how to totally rock your social posts, posters or even take your school presentations to a whole new level!   

Participants will learn:

  • what it takes to create amazing presentations or posters
  • how to present information so that it is clear and get the point across
  • fundamentals of design theory
  • colour usage
  • font selection
  • how to safely and efficiently share digital content across the cloud


Available now in all time zones globally. Select your time zone and enrol.

What do I need for e-learning?

1) A device with access to internet and a webcam (preferably a laptop)

2) Paper and pencils

3) Ideas

4) A smile!

- we will send you all the rest of the information! 


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