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Student name: Jasper Liu

Have you ever wondered how parents should discipline their kids? How to communicate with your kids better? You came to the right place. My website is designed for both parents and kids, by me, a 11-year-old boy, to make you a better, happier family!


For the parents, you will find out the kid’s point of view for parents to understand how they feel, and how they want you to help them grow. After applying the tips, you will find your kids doing their homework, eating their vegetables, and most importantly, being able to control themselves and manage time better. You will also find yourself being more relaxed, as now almost all your parenting problems are taken care of, you can find time for the things you enjoy.


For all the kids out there, you guys can connect with like-minded kids through my site, and discuss interesting topics, share stories, ideas, make creations and more!


This website will keep growing and there will be much more interesting stuff in the future, and you have it all.


All the money from this product goes to the 'Toronto Zoo'. The animals are suffering without enough food, so let's do something for them!


Thank you all for contributing to my just warming-up community!

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