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Identi Stickers

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Business name: Identi stickers 

Description: suitcase sticker ID’s 

Hey there! My name is Poyraz and I'm 11 years old. My business is called identi stickers and I sell suitcase sticker IDs. My product helps you to identify your luggage at the airport and if it's lost, get it back to you.(Please note that  this is only a design. You will need to buy sticker paper and print it yourself,or print it normally and stick it on with tape.) The charity I chose is Doctors without borders. I did this because in times of need, they treat people's wounds. And they are mostly from  the affected areas and give back to their community and I think that this is a good cause to support. Thanks for reading!!!

Business idea: customized identification stickers, help people find/ identify their items. Make it easier to find in a crowd like an airport. Customers need to  purchase sticker paper and print the design themselves. 

Product pitch:  We have all been there. You either had trouble finding your luggage at the airport or lost it. Maybe you’ve been through both! Well friends, with identi stickers, they will all be gone. Well, sorta. When you buy our product and print it, all you need to do is write your name,email,phone number and stick it onto your luggage. It’s brightly colored making it easy to see. And if it’s lost, the person who finds it can easily contact you and bring it to you or you can pick it up by yourself.And also, all our profit goes to doctors without borders so you will help yourself and others. Say goodbye to trying to find your luggage, and say hello to identi stickers!

All proceeds will be donated to Doctors without borders.

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