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Kitchen Fairy

Kitchen Fairy

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  • Have you ever struggled to make a delicious dessert? Did it take up too much time? Well we have a solution for you. 
  • We are Cooking Fairy, a group of ambitious students who want to enhance knowledge about dessert cooking to a younger audience.
  • Cooking is an essential part of everyone’s life, as everyone needs food, and what better way to learn than making the best parts of the meal, the desserts. 
  • Our product is a baking recipe book that contains recipes that take up on average of 30-40 minutes, easy to make, easy to learn.
  • These recipes contain our favourite desserts we love to make.
  • To make this process easier on everyone else, we also include video tutorials for our harder dishes as well as favourite dishes. 
  • Our book includes 10  delicious recipes , easy to learn and could be picked up by anybody.
  • All proceeds go to Canadian Mental Health Association.

Note: A purchase made on this page would give you PDF copy of the book.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee a finished product and the profits will be donated to support charities.


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