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Math Grade 9 Advanced

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What will you learn?

In this course, we will take you through various mathematical concepts, including concepts like exponents and how to use scientific notation, vectors, financial literacy, inequalities, functions, graphs, and more! This will equip you with the mathematical knowledge and skills necessary to be able to accurately and concisely make mathematical applications and connections as you advance to higher levels in math. Subjects in this course include learning about number sense, scientific notation, mathematical operations, irrational numbers, probability, patterning, algebra, vectors, and more! 

What curriculums does Advanced Math follow?

Our Grade 9 Advanced Math course covers topics needed for the IB, British A levels, Ontario Gifted Programs, pre-AP programs and Singapore Math. 

What is in the program?

This online app will help you learn at your own pace covering a range of topics all simplified with:

  1. ✅  Get Certificates and Report Cards
  2. ✅  Continuous Feedback as you go through the program
  3. ✅  Easy to Understand Interactive Lessons 
  4.   On Demand One-on-One Teacher Support 
  5.   Gamified Learning with Pop Quizzes, Mini Challenges & Practice Projects

Our expertise in Math

Explorer Math prepares all students from Grade 6-12 to learn advanced international math from the comfort of your home. We are a certified Canadian Elementary and High School authorized to give school credits. 

Not only will your child be prepared to succeed from a global standpoint, they will be developing an innate passion for math that they can actually apply! 

Our curriculums exceed the requirements of

  • Ministry of Ontario
  • Canadian General Level (BC and other provinces)
  • British (IGSE + A Levels)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Singapore and Advance Placement (AP)
  • AP Math curriculums (including AP Statistics & AP 

    1) Number Sense
    2) Exponents and Scientific Notation
    3) Operations, Rounding, Surds, Irrational Numbers
    4) Sets
    5) Probability
    6) Data Literacy and Statistics
    7) Algebra
    8) Patterning
    9) Vectors
    10) Financial Literacy
    11) Linear Relations, Functions, and Inequalities
    12) Expanding and Factoring
    13) Quadratic Functions
    14) Exponential Functions
    15) Geometric Properties and Constructions
    16) Trigonometry
    17) Measurement

    1) A device with access to the internet

    2) Paper and pencils

    After you purchase, you will receive an email to access the course at the Explorer Hop Learning Portal.

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