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Ocean Rescue, E&E Games

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About us: 

We are a social enterprise opened by two youths; working hard to preserve the natural habitats of the ocean.  Our company, E&E GAMES, is dedicated to creating games that help the environment.  We are trying to make a difference in the world and keep the natural habitats of all five oceans healthy and intact.  We hope this game will inspire other youth all over the world to take action and support the ocean in all possible ways.

Why should you buy our game?

Immerse yourself in our captivating board game, combining knowledge and environmental sense for an unforgettable experience. The game has kid-designed components and can be played in single-player or 4-player mode.  Our game promotes social interaction and builds environmental knowledge among players, this makes it a perfect addition to any collection. Embark on this adventure now and save the ocean!

How to play the game

Included in the game: 32 cards, Game board, Instructions.  All these items are available as PDF and can be printed from the comfort of your home. 

Goal of the game: Save the oceans from garbage and Pollution 

How to play: 

  1. Choose a character: Dolphin, Anglerfish, Coral or a Kid
  2. Use the cards to determine if you go ahead or behind. 
  3. The goal is to learn about the impact of human waste in the oceans and how different characters contribute to keeping our oceans clean.

How we are helping keep the oceans clean. 

When you support us, you support the oceans! We are proud to state that every penny we earn goes directly to ocean cleanup initiatives. We believe that by channelling our resources to those on the front lines of ocean conservation, we can make a real difference together.

Orders placed before Friday July 21 will receive their game emailed to them after placing the order.  After July 21, you will receive the game as a digital download at the time of purchase. 

Customer Reviews

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A valiant first effort

Since I make games myself I figured I'd drop a few of my thoughts here to maybe help for your next game.

Let's talk about rules. Rules are the lifeblood of your game so you have to make sure that they cover everything players need to know, even if it seems like it should be obvious. For example here are a few questions that aren't covered in your instructions and rules:

-What are these tokens? I assume that you're referencing the colored circles at the bottom of the rules page but their not labeled as tokens anywhere.

-When I pick (draw?) a card can I pick it from any deck?

-What do I do with a card once I've taken it? Is it shuffled back into the deck? Removed from the game? Do I keep it?

-What do I do if a card says backwards on it? Rule 5 says I have to wait a turn to start but then rule 6 says to read and follow the instructions on the card. Do I wait to my next turn to move backwards?

And many more questions. You should try to cover every possible question a player could have in your rules. Nothing should be left unwritten. A good way to test your game is to give it to another player without explaining it to them and seeing if they can figure things out just based on your rules, don’t explain anything to them. I guarantee that you’ll find a lot of things that you’ve missed, even professional designers do this as it’s a great way to find things they may have simply forgotten to write down.

Keep at it though! Everyone starts somewhere.

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