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StockNews: The Stock Market Card Game

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Want to invest in the stock market, but don't know what to buy?

Introducing StockNews: The Stock Market Card Game!

100% made by an e-Young Entrepreneur who is just 9 years old but with a strong passion for stock trade and teaching kids about the stock market!

This card game is a fun and educational game, which teaches you about the stock market and making investments. It tests your long term investment strategies in a very competitive way. You can play this game with family and friends. This is a printable card game, so you don’t wait because of shipping delays or pay a lot of money for shipping and customs! 

Support my first business with a purchase of this fun card game starting at CAD 3.99 with a PRE-ORDER! 😁


Card Volumes:

  • Regular pack is $3.99 (2 credit cards (max 2 players), 9 company cards and 6 opportunity cards)

  • Extra pack is $5.99 (4 credit cards (max 4 players), 18 company cards, 8 opportunity cards)

  • Supreme pack is $7.99 (6 credit cards (max 6 players), 27 company cards, 10 opportunity cards)

Thank you for buying the “StockNews Card Game”! 

We appreciate your business!

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