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Demystify the world of taxes!  Learn not only how taxes work, but also advanced topics like Capital Gains Tax, Tax Saving Strategies and more. 


Our course on taxes will begin by providing learners with an understanding of what taxes are, why we pay them and what the money from our taxes pay for. Furthermore, this course then takes a look at the underground economy and what happens when we don’t pay taxes. Additionally, students will learn about progressive taxes in both USA and Canada, and explore several other specific types of taxes. 

Capital Gains Tax is also covered in this course, along with taxation benefits of charity. Following this up, this course examines the tax implications of three specific investment accounts - a TFSA, RRSP and RESP - before diving into how to use these to lower your tax bill efficiently.

This course will then continue with an exploration of the tax filing process, to give learners an early look into the details and steps involved with submitting taxes annually, including resources available to simplify the process. 

Finally, to conclude this course, we will explore some content related to tax planning for retirement purposes, as a means of providing learners with a full-circle picture - from early employment to retirement - of taxation and how it impacts every part of our lives.


Topics Covered:
1) Understand what taxes are, why we pay them and what the money from taxes pays for
2) Learn what happens when we don’t pay taxes
3) Discover the “underground economy”
4) Learn about different types of taxes
5) Learn about the “progressivity” of taxes in Canada
6) Understand Capital Gains Tax
7) Discover the nuances of giving money to charity
8) Understand how taxes are involved with investment accounts including TFSAs, RRSPs and RESPs
9) Discover the aggregating tax formula and learn about different types of income
10) Explore some tax planning concepts related to retirement: Locked-In Retirement Accounts

1) A device with access to the internet

2) Paper and pencils

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