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Boost Your Intelligence & Have Fun!

We are Young Entrepreneurs and the co-founders of the Endangered board game build to support Toronto Zoo. 

This family board game will teach you about different endangered species all over the world and have fun while you are stuck at home.

This game is playable with up to 4 players over the age of 6. 

This game is completely printable at home, so it is more convenient for you. This means you will receive your copy much faster than Amazon. On top of that, you are saving more trees by avoiding heavy cardboard boxes, paper, and other unnecessary waste.

This game is a contact-free purchase so you can stay safe at home.


  • This game is a printable board game, so you will be receiving a PDF copy.
  • When you print it, save it. If you are playing again with friends or family again, you can use the same copy. Save the trees and animals.
  • Or use your first copy to draw more on spare cardboards.
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