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Treats & Eats

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Have you got bored eating the same desserts over and over again?

We are Young Entrepreneurs that are making a cookbook for desserts because your body needs blood sugar. We are from York School.

Healthy food is good but don't you need a dessert after? 

If you think you do here is the place to find it.   

If you love desserts, this cookbook is the one for you. 

In “Treats & Eats”, you will find the 16 most delicious dessert recipes in the world. It is a multicultural dessert recipe book!

All the money you spend on the cookbook will be donated to Doctors without Borders to help others. If you buy this amazing book, you could help others and even save lives. 

This is a digital cookbook as soon as you buy it, it will be on your computer! And you can cook away! 

If you buy this cookbook, every dessert will be the best one you will have! 

Book release date: March 4, 2021  

It's out now!


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