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e-Young Entrepreneurs (Grade 4 - 6) Level 1

e-Young Entrepreneurs (Grade 4 - 6) Level 1
e-Young Entrepreneurs (Grade 4 - 6) - Explorer Hop
Product image 1e-Young Entrepreneurs (Grade 4 - 6) Level 1
Product image 2e-Young Entrepreneurs (Grade 4 - 6) - Explorer Hop

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Kids learn on how to start their own business with our virtual camps.Online Trading Camp for kids on Financial LiteracyKids of Grade 4-6 learn about entrepreneurship.


Featured on BBC, Breakfast TV, Global News & Toronto Sun!

Voted Top educational program in Toronto!

Think your child could be the next Jeff Bezos?

Wondering what to do with your child during the pandemic? How about starting their own business from home! In this program, we help your child turn their big ideas into the next big thing.

This best-selling STEM & Business program will teach your child how they can be young entrepreneurs — and maybe even get Oprah rich before they’re old enough to vote!

During this program, they’ll learn how to start their own e-commerce business through engaging, interactive activities in a stress-free learning environment.

By the end, your child will be able to:

  • Come up with an innovative idea for a business and know how to get it off the ground.

  • Flex their philanthropic muscles by creating a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for a charity of their choice.

  • Use practical creativity by building and marketing their business online. 

  • Present and sell their ideas confidently through product pitch exercises. 

  • Make real money off their products through their online store!

  • List their products in a kid-focused marketplace. 


    Available now in all time zones globally. Select your time zone and enrol.

    What do I need to participate?
    1) A device connected to a computer with internet and a webcam
    2) Pencil and Papers
    3) Lots of ideas
    4) A smile! 
    - we will give you everything else you need! 
      We will email you the details after you signup!


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