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Fall 2018 Saturday Program: New Education

Week 9: November 3, 2018


Today we revised everything about PE Ratio (Price to Earnings Ratio) and EPS (Earnings per Share) and Dividends.  

Keep updating your portfolio with the price and value of the shares.  If you want to change both stocks you can.  




Week 8: October 27, 2018


Today we learnt about simple and compound interest rates.  The students know how to calculate them now. 


1) For Stocks: 

  1. Everyday add the Price and Value of your stocks.  
  2. Sell ONE of your stocks and buy another stock. You can buy any stock you want. 

2) Fixed Income:

  1. Under the Fixed Income Section (Green area on the portfolio) do the following: 
  2. Add the GIC that you decided to invest in.  You can find your answers here: 
  3. Add the interest rate of that GIC. 
  4. Calculate COMPOUND interest EVERYDAY. 
  5. Here is how you calculate compound interest. 

Let's assume you are investing $1000 and the interest rate is 3.45%

Step 1: Take the interest rate and divide it by 365.  So in our example you do 3.45 ÷ 365 = 0.009%

Step 2: On the first day (Monday, Oct 29) calculate the interest earned on that day.  This is Principal  x Interest .  So, in our example it is $1,000 + 0.009%= $1,000.09

Step 3: On second day (Tuesday, Oct 30) calculate the interest earned on that day. You start with the amount on Monday and then add the interest to it.  So, in our example it will be $1,000.09 + 0.009%=$1,000.18

Step 4: On the third day you take the amount from from the second day and again add the daily interest to it.  Continue like this till Friday. 

 Reminder: NO CLASS ON NOV 10

Week 7: October 20, 2018 


Today we did a revision of things. We also learnt about FIXED INCOME and more about Interest Rates.  We continued by learning more about stocks. 


1) Athena + Justin: 

Compare GIC rates at different banks and decide which one you would invest your money in.  Complete this form here.  Find your Fixed Income Product 

2) Athena only: 

Do the following with your portfolio. 

  1. Sell ONE of the stocks you have in your portfolio. You do this by calculating the Value of the Investment  (Price x Number of Shares)  and this is the amount you have to invest. 
  2. Buy ANY STOCK you want but it MUST have a BETA >1.82 
  3. Look up the Market Cap of both stocks in your portfolio and add it in the portfolio.  
  4. Continue to add the price and calculate the value of your investments every day this week.
  5. Athena's Portfolio is here. 

3) Justin only: It's VERY IMPORTANT you do your homework. 

  1. Pick 2 companies that you want to invest in.  Look them up in Yahoo Finance website and make sure that the Currency is USD or CAD. 
  2. Fill out the BLUE section of your portfolio.  Add in the Company Name, Ticker, Stock Market, and Current Price of shares. 
  3. Work with your mum to figure out how many shares in each company you can buy in $3300. 
  4. Calculate the Value of the stocks.  This is simply Price x Number of Stocks. 
  5. Every day add the stock price to your portfolio and calculate the value. 
  6. If your mum has any questions, please ask her to email me 
  7. Click here to get started: Justin's Portfolio is here.  



Week 5 & 6: October 13, 2018


We really learnt a lot today as it was a double class.   We covered the basics of Investing.  Children learnt how all investment falls into 3 categories: 

  1. Something you own (house, stocks, car etc)
  2. Something you loan (Savings account, bond etc)
  3. Cash

We learnt about figuring out how to invest by understanding the following: 

  1. How much time do you have to invest?  When do you need the money?
  2. What is your Risk Tolerance? How much Risk can you accept?
  3. What do you know about the investment?

They learnt - Never Invest in anything that does not meet your Risk Tolerance.

We then moved to the stock market and the kids learnt how the stock market works. 

  • What is a share? 
  • What happens in a stock market?
  • Who is a broker? 
  • How do you make money in the stock market?

Please ask them to share all this information with you. 


All kids will now take part in the Investment Challenge (all students from all my classes do this together).  

Here is what they need to do: 

1) Complete the following exercise:   They should use Yahoo Finance website to get the Ticker Symbol and Price.  

2) Enter the Investment Challenge.  Both kids have their own Financial Portfolio with $10,000 virtual money. 

Athena's Portfolio is here. 

Justin's Portfolio is here.  

Here is what they have to do: 

1) ORANGE Section:  Select what % they want to invest in Cash, Something they Own, or Something they Loan 

2) BLUE Section:  Both kids should think of  2 companies that they know something about.  It's important that these are companies they know something about so please let them think and come up with companies on their own. 

Once they have these companies, they should go to Yahoo Finance and search for them and write down the name, Ticker, Stock Market and current price. 

They will need help from parents to figure out how many shares they can buy in each company. 

To calculate the value of each investment please multiply Current Price * Number of Shares.  

3) Every day, they should go to Yahoo Finance and put in the stock price.  After this they should calculate what the value is.  If the price changes, they should read about the company to see why it is changing. 



Week 4: September 29, 2018


We spent the whole class today going through how to use online banking.  The kids saw all the different things they can do including view transactions, set up alerts, request money and send money.   They will be doing this as their homework. 

We also spoke about how it's important for them to do research and find where the best deals are.  This week they will also be doing research on the different interest rates offered by banks. 


1) Use Online Banking

Login to their online banking account at Meridian Bank.   They need to go to and login using their Membership Number and Online Banking Password that they were given when they opened the account. If you do not know the Membership number please call the number at the back of the card. 

  • The first thing they need to do is change the online banking password to something they can remember. 

After they login, they will do the following: 

  • Rename the Account with their Name + Youth Account or something they can remember. 
  • Check Transaction History with the receipts they have from last week and make sure that the transactions match. 
  • Check the Account Details and learn where the following are: Interest Rate for the Account, Account Number, Branch/Transit Code, Institution Number. 
  • Click on Transfer > Interact e-Transfer. 
  • They will send a Request for Money for $20 to their parents and when the money arrives in their account they will Send the Money back to the parents 
  • Click back on their Account and select Setup Alert.  Make sure all the Alerts are set up with their parents names.  
  • When they are done they will Sign out of the Account. 

2) Research Homework:  Please have them complete this homework.

3) Discussion at Home:  Talk to your children about how often you use etransfer and why you like it or don't like it.  It is important for even young children to understand their family philosophy on money.  


Please note: There is no class on Nov 10

We will be adding a picture to our blog next week with the Kids + Jenny (New Education). If you DO NOT want your child's picture added, please let me or Jenny know.  We do this because it's easier to identify which class your child belongs to on our blog page.  

Week 3: September 22. 2018


It was another great class today.  These students are so inquisitive and keen to learn it really is a joy!

Today, we learnt how to make a Budget.  They learnt how to identify Must Have items.  After this, they learnt how to make different categories for items and identified what goes in each of them: 

  • Must Have
  • For Investment
  • For Fun
  • For Emergency

They also learnt how to calculate the percentage of each item and how to constantly review and tweak it. 

You can see the homework they submitted last week here:

Homework for this week

1) Complete the following exercise and submit online:

2) We will learn about Online Banking next week.  Parents are asked to do the following: 

a) Please sign up your child for online banking with Meridian.  You would have received a form when you opened the account.  If you are not sure please visit the Meridian Bank near you and ask for them.  If you go to the Yonge & Sheppard branch, your child can talk to the Branch Manager Glen Gmora (tell him you are taking a Money class at ExplorerHop). 

b) Make kids sign into their accounts at home so they are able to enter.  They do not need to do any transactions, we will teach them how to use it next time. 


Please note: There is no class on Nov 10

We will be adding a picture to our blog next week with the Kids + Jenny (New Education). If you DO NOT want your child's picture added, please let me or Jenny know.  We do this because it's easier to identify which class your child belongs to on our blog page.  



WEEK 2: September 15, 2018


We had a wonderful session today and the kids learnt the very important lesson about keeping their money safe.   They also learnt how to do basic functions with their ATM card and we will continue with that next week. 

Last week's homework has been published. Please click here:

 Homework for this week

1) All children should finish this excercise online (Don't forget to login)

 2) Children will learn how to Deposit and Withdraw money. 

a) You can go to ANY Meridian Credit Union branch.  The closest branch to New Education is at Yonge & Sheppard Centre.  Here is the address:  Yonge & Sheppard Centre, 4841 Yonge Street, Unit 126, Toronto, ON M2N 5X2 (Across from Dollarama)  Telephone: 416-730-9432.  The Branch manager is Glen Gmora.  If he is in the office, please ask your child to go and say hello. He can say he is a student of Explorer Hop and opened the account already.

b) They need to go to the TELLER and DEPOSIT $10 into their account using their ATM card. They learnt today what to say and how to check the receipt. 

c) After this, they need to go to the ATM machine and WITHDRAW $10.  We learnt today what to do so they know which buttons to press.  They need to take their receipt and bring that next week.  

 Discussions to have at Home: 

Please discuss with your children how important it is to be discreet about money and how it is really no one's business how much money they have.  Also discuss with them how to keep devices and cards safe, and get their ideas on things you do that need to be changed to keep things safer.  


WEEK 1: September 8, 2018

Dear Parents

Thank you for enrolling your child in our program.  Here is a summary of what we covered and what they need to do at home. This blog will be updated every week so you can follow what we are doing.  Please bookmark this page. 


Children learnt the Golden Rules of Saving.  They learnt how much it costs for parents to raise children and how they also have a responsibility to think before they make demands or waste things.  They learnt to apply these methods before buying anything:

1) Ask yourself three questions: Do I need it? Will I use it? Will I enjoy it? 

2) Set goals for what they really want.

3) Don’t waste!  They learnt how every year each Canadians wastes $1000 in food and how it’s silly for them to not eat their lunches or waste food because all this costs money.

4) The money tree and interest.  Ask them to explain this to you.

5) How to choose wisely before they spend. Just because they have money in their piggy banks does not mean they spend it.

6) Before actually buying something, they should take a picture with their phones.  If a week later they still want it then it’s worth having it as a goal. 

Homework to be completed before Friday Sept 14:

Children have 2 homework to complete this week:

1) All kids need to open a bank account with Meridian Credit Union.  We have organized for them to get $25 free when they open the account and in the next class they will learn how to operate the account. They will also get a Debit Card and we will also teach them how to use that safely. This is important because we will be using this account to teach them how to withdraw and deposit safely.

To open the account, please go to the following bank:


26 St Clair Ave E ( Yonge & St Clair)

Hours: Monday to Wednesday: 9.30-5.00pm

Thursday and Friday: 9.30 - 6.00pm

Saturday: 9.30am - 3pm

Speak to: Kerelle (Branch Manager) or Jade.  Please tell them your children are enrolled in Explorer Hop program. 

You can only get $25 free if you go to this branch. 

You will need to take the following documentation with you to open the account:

  • Govt issued ID for you and your child (drivers liscence, passport, birth certificate)
  • SIN Card / SIN Number
  • Proof of Address if not on driver liscence 

2) All children should do the following homework where they define their goals for savings and how they will try to accomplish it. Please click here and have them complete it by Friday.

Please log in to the site (click image of small person on the top right hand side)

Username = your email 

Password = explorerhop

If you have any problems logging in, please email me at 

Conversations to have at home:

We recommend having the following conversations at home so that the learning continues at home.  Please ask your children

1) What will they do to stop wasting things that cost money?

2) How will they start to save more?

3) How will they help their families so that they start to save more and waste less? 

 See you next week! 





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