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Ladies Learn about Money, Meridian Bank, Sundays 12.15-1.15pm

Week 7 (November 5, 2018)
We had a long discussion about the dynamics of the stock market and how things get impacted.  It will certainly be interesting to see what happens after the mid-term elections in USA 
We learnt about Insurance and the key facts to know about them. 
Sell 1 stock from your portfolio and add 1 Insurance Stock.  
Registration for Winter 2019 programs will open on Friday. 
Week 6 (October 28, 2018) 
We covered the following topics today: 
Review all the statistics we learnt last week and add to that the following: 
  • Dividend
  • Earnings Per Share
  • Price to Earnings Ratio (PE Ratio)

We also spoke about how to ease into buying stocks.  The recommended way is to start with a low risk solid stock.  Buy 1 share online and see how that goes. It will cost you about $60 - $200 (similar to a pair of shoes these days).   

If you do decide to do this, I strongly recommend you get a Q-trade account with Meridian as you pay the lowest commission rate- there is no point in paying more for commission . (Kerelle can give you the details next week). 

Mutual Funds:
We went through all the costs associated with mutual funds and discussed at length how important it was to trust the person who is giving you advice on which fund to get as the charges really do add up.  
Reminder Charity Box! Meridian is doing a charity drive for a women's shelter and putting together boxes of essential items.  (Toothbrush, pads, soap, socks etc).  Please bring new unopened items to add to the box next week.  
In your portfolio, sell both stocks.  
Add 1 stock with a PE Ratio that is OVERVALUED
And 1 stock with a PE Ratio that is UNDERVALUED
Here are the links to your portfolios: 
Week 5 (October 21, 2018) 
We covered the following topics today: 
Understanding how to read stock data.  Specifically using Yahoo Finance information and understanding how to make sense of the information presented. 
So far we have covered the following: 
  • Previous Close Price
  • Open Price
  • Bid
  • Ask 
  • Spread
  • Daily Range
  • 52 Week Range
  • Market Cap 
  • Beta
We also covered some additional tips that I myself use such as click on more data and look for the bubbles, then scroll down on to see the analyst reviews.  It looks like these 2 specific functions are only available on the app.  
We also talk about Brokerage fees and how you should really go to whoever is charging you the lowest fees.  In my findings this has been Meridian at around $7. 
Mutual Funds: 
We covered the basics of Mutual Funds and understood what kinds of costs are hidden in them.  We will do them more next week. 
Strongly recommend all ladies do the investment challenge.  It's the absolute best way to try your hand at the stock market without actually investing money and will give you a feel for what is involved in working the stock market. 
Here are the links to your portfolios: 
I would also really recommend you do the exercise on GIC because that a very straightforward way of understanding what alternative investments are and which banks give better rates.  I cannot stress how important it is in Investing to be well informed. Click here for the exercise.  



Week 4 (October 14, 2018)


We started off by talking about how the stock markets had performed over the last couple of weeks and discussed what the impact of the Fed Interest Rate going up had on the market. 

It's really highly recommended that you do the investment challenge.  The amount you will learn is really amazing.  

We also learnt about Market Cap and how Apple was the first Trillion dollar company and compared the risks involved in investing in Apple versus smaller companies. 

We learnt a lot about FIXED INCOME today, why it's called Fixed Income, How to earn money on Fixed Income products, the difference between Simple and Compound Interest, what are the risks of fixed income products and what are the different types of fixed income products. 


1) Suggest you do this exercise to compare the different rates available for 6 month and 12 month GIC to figure out who gives them the best rate.  Click here for the exercise.  

2) Every day update your portfolio with the price of the stock and the amount of interest you earned that day.  Instead of using Day 1, Value 1 etc to record your stock information, please now add columns in the blue section and call them Price (Oct 15) Value (Oct 15) etc.  Any questions? Send me a message on your google docs sheet. 

 See you next week!


Week 3 (September 30, 2018)


We covered the following today:

1) Continued the discussion about Budget and spoke about how once you have gone through all your payments to figure out what percentage of your disposable income you are spending on Must Haves, Investment and Fun Stuff (holidays, etc).   Another trick is to just open a new savings account and transferring the money for investment and fun stuff into different accounts so that it doesn't get used up. 

2) This followed with a discussion about why Credit Unions can give 3.15% interest while the rest of the banks are only giving 0.10% - 0.50%.  We spoke about the difference in profit structure in a Credit Union versus a bank.

3) We then covered the different categories / types of investment: 

  • Something you own (Stocks, Home, etc)
  • Something you lend money for  (Interest products - GIC, Bonds etc) 
  • Cash 

4) After this we spoke a lot about the stock market and how to select a stock and follow it. The importance of Reading News DAILY, observing what people buy and understanding your risk tolerance.  

Everyone is encouraged to read the news everyday and suggest that they download the following free apps on their phones: CNN, BBC news and YAHOO Finance  

5) We went through a few of the stock indicators on Yahoo Finance today: 

Stock Price,  Stock Market, Change in Price, Currency traded in, 

Previous Close: Price on closing on previous day

Open: Price at open today

Bid:  The highest price investor is willing to pay for the share

Ask: The lowest price the shareholder is willing to sell the stocks

Day's Range:  The price changes through the day

52 Week Range:  The price range through the previous 52 weeks

Volume: Number of shares traded that day

Avg Volume: Number of shares traded on average

Next class, we will learn about the rest of the indicators and they will use them a lot in the next few weeks. 


Suggest that you complete the following quick excercises as it will help when we get into more complicated products further down. Please submit these when you are done.  

1) Compare interest rates in different banks:

2) Determine how to divide your portfolio between the different categories:

3) Enter the Investment Challenge and compete with the kids.  This will most certainly give you a good feel for what it is to trade stocks on your own.   I have the portfolios ready for all ladies with 33% in all the 3 categories.  If you would like to change it just email me.  

The goal is to pick 2 stocks that you think are good investments and follow them for a week.  You have $3400 to purchase these shares.  

You need to complete the part in BLUE by adding 2 Stocks and following it every day.  This means fill in the current price of the stocks you are following and the value of their stocks (Price * number of shares).  In their portfolios it is the BLUE rows.   

To access the folder with all the portfolios - please click here

All individual portfolios are here and you can complete yours.   If you have troubling accessing it, please email me 

4) Download the following apps and read what is going on in the news and with your stocks EVERY DAY. The news apps are: CNN, BBC or any other news app that you prefer.  Financial Apps:  Yahoo Finance. 


There is NO CLASS next week Oct 7.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Next class is on October 14.  


Week 1 (23 September 2018)

It was a great start to the course today.   Here is a summary of what we covered and ideas of things to do during the week. 


The 5 rules of Savings: Think before you buy, Choose wisely, Start saving as soon as you can, Stop Wasting and Set a Goal. 

Ask yourself these questions before you buy anything: 

  • Do I need it?
  • Will I use it?
  • Will I enjoy it?

To start budgeting the initial step is to understand your expenses and identify if you really need them and enjoyed paying money for them. 

Ideas of things to do this week: 

1) Go through your bills (credit cards, direct deposits etc) and ask yourself for every item if you need it and if you enjoy it.  I would suggest to get a bit ruthless and cut as much as you can because you can always add it back later. 

2) Write down what you are spending money on so you get a picture for yourself. 

3) When you go to the store this week, instead of buying something right away, take a picture of it and see if you will still want it next week. 

4) Try to eat your way through your fridge and pantry before spending more money on food. 

Topics targeted next week

  • Budget (continue)
  • Basics of Investing 

See you next week! 


Hi Everyone! 

Thank you for entrusting us with helping you understand the world of Money Management and Investing.  We are excited to meet you and look forward to the next few weeks.  

Here is some information to simplify the first day of classes: 

Location & Parking : 

  • Classes are held at Median Credit Union, 26 St Clair Avenue East.  (corner of St Clair & Alvin) .  Please climb the stairs and enter the branch, we will be waiting for your child there. 
  • Parking is available behind the building in the Green P parking lot.
  • Classes start at 12.15 and run to 1.15.   We urge you to arrive by 12.10 as we are not able to go later with the classes.  
Phones & Devices: 
  • In the interest of making the class a pleasant experience for everyone, we request that you refrain from using your phone or devices.  There will be times in the class when you will use your phone (stock and mutual fund research etc), but for the most part you don't need it.  Please note: the bank does not have wifi, however, sometimes it is possible to connect to the wifi from the public library across the street. 


  • If you have a child in the earlier program, we have a room for them to wait in and a special project to keep them busy, if they would like it. 

Should you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or phone/text me at 416-833-1782.  If this is during class, I will return your call after class has ended. 
    Please bookmark this page as you will get updates on our class via the blog. 

      See you on Sunday! 

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