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Winter: Holiday Story (Grades 4-6) - Dec 12 10AM-12PM EST

Hi parents!

We had a great 2-hour program today. This program condenses our 8-class Creative Writing Program, so we covered a LOT of ground! Today, we came up with a potential idea(s) for a story, learned how to map it out, and then learned the tools to write, edit, and publish it so we're prepared once this class is done. This was done through lessons and hands-on activities. Your child should now be able to confidently begin their stories that may write this holiday season :)

Lilian was an excellent student, with lots of great ideas! I hope she keeps up writing on her own time. 

Here's a quick review of what we learned in this program:

  1. Plot and point of view
  2. Characters and Setting
  3. Description and Dialogue
  4. Editing and Publishing

Hope Lilian enjoyed the program, and hope you have a Happy Holiday season! :)

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Thanks for joining me today! I hope to teach Lilian again soon :)

Stay well and safe,


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