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5 Ways To Use Keywords On Your Website

5 Ways To Use Keywords On Your Website

Keywords on your website give the business benefits of getting the traffic, leads, and sales they need.

SEO stands for "Search engine optimization", a process of taking steps to help a website rank higher on Google. Part of the SEO process is using the right keywords. keywords are words and phrases that describe what your content is about. 

So, how do we effectively use keywords on our website?


1. Headings

  • Write a unique and interesting title for your page, as it tells what the content is about.
  • Make sure to include important keywords in your heading tags.
  • Avoid using excessive headings.


2. First Words

  • Include the page's keywords in the first 200 words as they are most seen by visitors before scrolling down the page.


3. Body Text

  • Use keywords occasionally, evenly and naturally throughout your body.
  • Stay on topic when you're writing.


4. Images

  • Create descriptive and keyword-rich file names.

  • Separate words in image names with hyphens and use keywords sparingly.

Usually, image file names would look like "IMG_92312." This name would not help search engines such as Google understand your image.

How would you name the image of chocolate to improve your SEO value?

Valentine's Day Jam Shortbread Cookie

I could name this image simply "cookie" but if you're selling cookies on your website, naming the image "jam-shortbread-cookie-valentine" would let users and search engines understand the image.


5. Links

  • Use keyword-rich anchor text (clickable text) that links to relevant pages within the website.

  • It is crucial to make internal links (a link from one page to another on your site) useful for the visitor.

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