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Kids Camp Millionaire (July 5-8)

Kids Camp Millionaire (July 5-8)

Day 4 (July 8th):

Hello, unfortunately today was the last day of the program.

Today we learned why we should budget and how to make a monthly budget.

We also played the loan game!

I hope the see the kids in any of our other programs!

Have a great summer everyone :)


Day 3 (July 7th):

Hello, today was such an awsome day!

Today we learned about banks, checking account vs. savings account, and how interest works.

In tomorrow's class we will learn about budgeting!

See you all tomorrow!


Day 2 (July 6th):

Hey everyone, it was so awsome seeing you all again today!

In today's class learned about the golden rules of savings and the kids aced the quizzes!

Tomorrow we will learn about banking.

Homework for tomorrow: The Savings Challenge - What steps can you take with your family to eliminate expenses?

See you all tomorrow!


Day 1 (July 5th):

Hello everyone!

It was so great meeting you all today and getting to know you. 

In today's class we learned about the 3-jar trick, as well as what is in our money and how to lead a balanced life.

Tomorrow we will learn about the golden rules of saving!

Homework for tomorrow: Balanced Life Mission - what are steps that you, along with your family and friends, can take in order to have a more balanced life?

See you all tomorrow!


Welcome to Kids Camp Millionaire! 

Hello everyone! My name is Nelly and I will be your kids' financial coach for this week! 
During this week, the kids will learn tips and tricks on how to save and use their money wisely, banking, budgeting, and leading a balanced life!

After each class I will post here what we went over and any homework assigned to the kids.


Zoom Link:

Class time: July 5th-8th, 3pm-4pm

See you all soon!


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