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Around the World (August 9-15)

Around the World (August 9-15)

Day 5 (August 13):

Hello everyone!

We visited India today!

We learned about the beautiful culture of the people of India and made some amazing art creations to apply everything we learned - we made a Rangoli and Henna all by ourselves! 

Have a great summer :)


Day 4 (August 12):

Hello everyone!

Today we visited Israel - we learned about the unique culture of the country, and made a menorah and a dreidel all by ourselves!

Tomorrow we will visit India! Here is the material list:
- paper
- coffee filter
- colourful markers
- black sharpie

See you all tomorrow for our last day!


Day 3 (August 11):

Hello, we visited Egypt today!

We learned about the culture of the people of Egypt, about Ramadan and hieroglyphics. We made a greeting card for our loved  ones like the people that celebrate Ramadan and learn how to write with hieroglyphics.

Tomorrow we will visit Israel, here is the material list:
-construction paper
-colourful pens
-googly eyes
-colorful tissue paper
-black marker 
-10 popsicle sticks

See you tomorrow!


Day 2 (August 10):

Hello everyone!

Today we visited Denmark!

We learned about the foods, culture, and holidays of the people of Denmark. We made a cat barrel for the Danish holiday Festevln and created a windmill on our own!

Tomorrow we will visit Egypt, here is the material list for tomorrow:
-colourful paper
-colouring pens
-paper tube (toilet paper/ paper towel roll)
-black sharpie

See you all tomorrow!


Day 1 (August 9):

Hello everyone!

What a great day we had in Mexico today!

In today's class we learned about Mexico's unique culture, food, and holiday.
We learned about Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and how the people of Mexico celebrate it. The kids then made the beautiful and unique Calavera!

Tomorrow we will visit Denmark!

Here is the material list for tomorrow:
-big paper/plastic cup
-construction paper
-tape/glue stick
-plastic bottle
-print these cats

See you tomorrow!


Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Ciao!

Welcome to E-Around the World. My name is Nelly and I will be your tour guide and teacher for this week. I am very excited to get started on Monday.

The world we live in today makes travelling the globe a little tricky... but you are in luck! With E-Around the World your child will get the chance to explore a new country each day! We will learn all about different countries, their languages and cultural practices!

Class Time: August 9-15, 1pm-2pm EST (Toronto time)

Zoom Link:

Materials needed for day 1: 
- some paper and colouring pens
 - a tupperware 
- some beans, rice, lentils and anything else you may have at home
- tape

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