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Camp Millionaire Level 3 (Aug9-13)

Camp Millionaire Level 3 (Aug9-13)

Day 5

Great last class, covered a lot of interesting topic and dive into some interesting economic discussions.

We also took a deep dive into the major South American economies.

  • Brazil, characterized by its impressive growth in the last decades.
  • Argentina, lot of interest in high-risk, high-return investments.
  • Panama plays a vital role in the global supply chain.
  • Chile, resource abundance and solid economic performance.

We covered very extensively about the economy of Canada and what they mean for the long term development of businesses in different sectors.

We also explored some very serious systematic problem regarding organized crime and wide-spread corruption in Mexico.

This course covered a wide-range of topics that will be very useful as you consider investment just beyond opportunities presented in NASDAQ or NYSE.


I hope to see you again in the future.

Day 4

Great class as always, went over a lot of countries today.

Countries from Europe:

  • Switzerland, known for their renowned education system and highly innovative firms.
  • France, strong cultural products and firms at the cutting edge of technology.
  • Spain, a highly developed country with a cheaper cost of living, contributing it to a major manufacturing power house for Europe.
  • Germany, highly innovative engineering firms and heavy industry; a very strong exporting and importing economy.
  • Russia, rich in resource and stocks are cheap.
  • Italy, strong cultural products and strong manufacturing capabilities.
  • United Kingdom, strong financial sectors and manufacturing industries, as well as a rich history. 

Today's investment objective is to invest in 3 companies from Europe.

I will see you tomorrow.



Day 3

Great class today. A lot of interesting topics and covered a lot of countries.

Countries from the Africa continent:

  • South Africa
  • Nigeria
  • Egypt
  • Ghana

These countries are characterized by their abundance of resource and rapidly growing economies. However, investors also need to keep in mind of the social challenge shared by many of these nations, including income inequality and environmental challenges.


Includes Australia and New Zealand. One of the most developed nations in the world. They are politically and economically stable democracies and promotes businesses and private properties. Australia has a very diverse economies from agricultural, service sectors, to industrials.

Investors also have high expectation of development of industry 4.0 in Australia.

Finally, we got started on Europe, which includes many different countries each with their own characteristics.

Today's investment challenge is to invest in 3 different companies from African stock exchanges.

See you tomorrow!


Day 2

Great class as always. Lots of participation, and we covered a lot of topics today.

Topics covered today:

  • Demonetization in India
  • Asian developed and emerging countries
  • Characteristics and investment opportunities in the Middle East
  • Some pros and cons about investing in emerging countries
  • Challenges in investing in foreign countries

Today's challenge is to pick three stocks from the Middle East region or from Egypt which shares many characteristics.

Make sure you understand the companies that you are investing in!

See you tomorrow!


Day 1

Awesome class today! Lots of discussions and participation.

We started off with learning about the forex market. By now, you should be able to explain what spot markets are and how future and forward markets are different from each other. We also touched upon the idea of hedging.

We focused on the Asian market in our first meeting. We explored the opportunities and potential pitfalls of both developed and emerging economies in the region.

Our investment goal today is to invest in 3 companies from different stock exchanges located in Asia!

See you tomorrow!



Hi everyone!


Welcome to Camp Millionaire! 

My name is Aaron. I am currently a fourth-year accounting student at UofT. I look forward to sharing my passion in finance and to teach the next generation about Finance!

Camp Millionaire 3 is all about global investment and foreign exchange. We will take a look at the unique characteristics, opportunity and what to watch out for when investing in foreign countries.


Classes will take place August 9th to 13th @ 9:00 - 11:00 am EST (Toronto time)

Please ensure you have a Zoom account and are able to connect. 

Zoom link:


We look forward to meeting and working with your kids!



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