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Camp Millionaire Level 5 (Saturdays - Jan 9 - Feb 13)

Camp Millionaire Level 5 (Saturdays - Jan 9 - Feb 13)

Week 4: 

Intro to Derivatives


Investors should have ZERO losses in their portfolios this week.  Go crazy hedging!!

Week 3:

Understanding Hedging

Bonus bucks earned: 

Leianna: $30

Annora: $20

Bay: $30

Sebastian: $10

Abby: $50


Week 2:

Understanding Arbitrage

Week 1: 

Understanding Foreign Exchange Trade 


Hi Everyone!

I am really looking forward to seeing you!  

Level 5 starts off with Foreign Currency trading and will then progress to the fundamentals of arbitrage and hedging so that you are ready to get into derivatives in Level 6. 

Here is the zoom link to the class. Saturdays Jan 9-Feb 13. (1.00PM - 2.30PM EST ,  10AM - 11.30AM PST)

IMPORTANT:  Since all of you are in the Competition, the app you are using is very similar to that of the competition.  It is important that you keep one browser (eg chrome) for the competition and another for the Level 5 class as the app sends security credentials to the data.  The best thing is to write down which one is on which browser so you don't forget.  

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