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Global Citizenship Blog Share Program - Akanksha Schools (Pune, India) - Ms. Henna Senjam's Grade 4 Class

Day 5: Feb 8, 2020

Hello all! 

Here are our introductory letters to our friends from BVG classroom. Looking forward to read yours too.

Day 2: Feb 4, 2020

Dear Marie and Gareth,

Hope you are having a wonderful day. 
We were delighted to read about your class trip. Since most of us have not experienced snow, it was a great thing to discuss about skiing. 
We were wondering if all our friends from your class could introduce themselves and share their hobbies/favourite food/ their best friends. 
We are also preparing to show you many things that we do in school and in class. 
We also wanted to know if it is okay to share class pictures and videos. Let us know if this is possible. 
Henna and Preeti
Goodmorning! Hope you are having a wonderful day.
1. Transition: Since we our school has the mother-teacher concept, we came up with a transition routine. We follow this after each slot/ subject period. The space is facilitated by children from the class taking turns. According to them, it helps them calm their minds and be ready for the next subject. 
We would love to know what our friends from Ms Marie's class think about this? 

2. Morning Circle: We ensure a fun-beginning to every day. In this video, we are singing the song- USA for Africa. There is immense joy in singing(sometimes, borderline yelling in rhythm) together as a whole class. Few students came up with the hand gestures to make learning lyrics of the song easier. 
We would like to know if our friends from BVG are interested to learn some hindi songs we sing in our class. 

Eager for their reply.
Thank you.
Vayavya Class, G-4
CSMEM School 

Day 1: Feb 3, 2020

Dear Class of L4C,

Thank you for writing to us. 

We are so overwhelmed with this amazing opportunity, especially after hearing from you.

First of all, Blobby Joe is already a star here. What a coincidence that this year, we had a class trip to an aquarium where we saw many fishes! 

Our school has clubs facilitated by our teachers. Movie club, Drama club, Sports Club, Dance Club, Computer Club, Chess Club, Traditional sports Club, Stitching club and Handwork. 

We do play at our school. The script is usually original, written and directed by the Drama club teacher along with our social worker. 

We get to be a part of every club in a 15 days cycle. It’s so fun and we look forward to the club slot. What do you love most in your school?

We are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in our English class. Since English is our third language, we dedicate a lot of time in grammar and writing practice. Regardless of how much we struggle, we definitely love the language. Comic writing is one of the most fun classes we have had so far. Would you like to see some that we have created?

We recently learnt about mixture and solution in class. Can you believe that we got to bring all the materials in class and made lime juice as an experiment for this? 

In social studies we are learning about the history of a great Maratha King (our state history) called Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Interesting fact is that our school was also named after his father ‘Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj’. 

Besides football, cricket, basketball, badminton etc we also play many national sports and games. Some of them are Kho-Kho, Langadi and Kabaddi. If you are interested, we would love to share more about these too! 

Apologies for delaying one day. Our teacher is caught up with many appointments and other projects. We will be prompt here after. 

We are preparing our introductory letters for you. Hope you are as excited as we are! 

Love and Regards, 

Vayavya class

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