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Global Citizenship Blog Share Program - Akanksha Schools (Pune, India) - Ms. Snehal Joshi's Grade 4 Class

Global Citizenship Blog Share Program - Akanksha Schools (Pune, India) - Ms. Snehal Joshi's Grade 4 Class

Day 3: Feb 5, 2020

Hello friends!
It was so nice to read about your musical  play - Theseus and Minotaur. We imagined how the play would have been after reading your post. Our teacher is going to tell us more about Greek tales. Could you please share some photos of the play? We have never performed any musical play in school. We will surely do it some day.
Today, we are sharing some exciting learning’s from our Science class.
Our science teacher- Manisha didi introduced us to different types of fabrics - natural and man-made. Every state in India has a speciality in a fabric. She got different fabrics to the class - cotton, silk, rayon, etc. India is famous for different fabrics - Paithani, Chanderi, Bandhani, Chikankari, Ikkat, Kasavu, etc. Most of the traditional attire that Indian women wear belong to these fabrics.
Different fabrics of India
We enjoyed this class a lot. We worked in groups to explore the fabrics and their feel. We had to read the information about the fabric and write it’s speciality.

Have you seen any of these attire in your country?

Thank you!

Grade 4 ( ANWEMS)



Snehal Joshi,

Lead Teacher

Smt. Anusyabai Namdeo Waghere English Medium School, Pimpri


Day 2: Feb 4, 2020

Hello friends!
Did you watch our school’s video? We are sure you all liked our school. All of us are excited to share a lot of photos of our school and classroom.
We read your introduction. We are happy to have new friends and we told our parents about it.
Did you see our class photo? This is our Grade 4 class.
There are 36 students in our class. Our class is very clean because we do not make it dirty and we throw the trash in the dustbin. Our teachers also remind us that the school and the class should be clean. Grade 4 is the cleanest class in school.
We say "Didi" to our teachers and we have two advisors for each class. Our advisors are Snehal Didi and Urmila Didi. ‘Didi’ means sister and ‘Bhaiyya’ means brother. Our advisors visit every student house to know more about our parents and our routine at home. Do your teachers visit your home? 
Our School Playground in Pune, India
We have four houses in school - Garnet (Red), Sapphire(Blue), Topaz (Yellow) and Jasper (Green). We conduct assembly housewise and we also do a lot of other activities during assembly like role play, poem recitation, sharing facts and news. How is the assembly in your school? 
We have English, Math, Science, History, Marathi, Hindi, Computer, Art and Physical Education. We have a Library and a Sports room. We have reading programs such as - Guided reading, Echo reading and Leveled Reading Program.
Did you like our class photo?


Day 1: Feb 3, 2020

My name is Snehal and I'm the advisor for Grade 4. My co-advisor is Ms. Urmila. We are excited to be a part of this program . Me and Urmila have shared the objective behind this program with our Grade 4 students and they are looking forward to knowing the students from BVG and they are eager to collaborate with them.
Our school is located in Pune, a city in the western part of the state of Maharashtra (India). Pune is also known as the "Oxford of the East" as there are many universities and schools which offer  world - class education. Pune is home to various cultures and we are blessed to live in Pune. There are many historical places in and around Pune  which reflects the rich culture of Pune.   
Here goes our post for the blog!
My name is Narayani. It's a pleasure to be a part of this program! We are very excited to share our routines, thoughts and a lot of other things about our school. We are pleased to share a few pictures of our school and a video. 
I'm 10 years old girl and I study in Grade 4. I like to visit historical places such as forts and museums. I live  with my parents and I have a younger brother. My favourite subject is English and History. Marathi is Pune's most widely spoken language.
Hi! My name is Vinaya and I'm an 11 years old girl. I love to eat food and we get different varieties of food in Pune. My favourite subject is Science and English. I love coming to school because I get to learn many new things everyday. I enjoy Sports, my favourite sport is Kho-Kho. Do you know what is Kho-kho? We will share a video of this sport very soon. I'm looking forward to knowing you and also about your school and your country.
We are sharing a photo of our school building and our playground.
Thank You!
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